Fix the f*****g bots already!

As per my last post, this needs to be addressed. I’ve seen bots in games like Fallout and Skyrim make far better decisions than in this game.

I just experienced a groupwipe on Legend from a single flame rat because the bots all chose to charge headlong into the flames with ranged weapons in hand rather than actually use the weapons to attack him. Bardin had a goddamn crossbow equipped instead of his axe and shield. What the hell is up with that!!!


I should add I’m playing on the xbox, thus I cannot mod this game. Myself and my friends are at the whim of the developers.

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That actually does not matter. Bots have gotten worse since release and the Bots AI Improvements mod hasn’t been updated in over a year. The only feature that still works in that mod is where the bots will tag elites.

Bots are bad for PC too.


Bots are just fancy carrying bags for supplies. Just play the game it is meant to be played - with other people. Duh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bots have gotten worse since release

It even got worse than in V1 - there the bots did not fall off the cliffs, at least.

I repeat, for the thousandth time, things got even worse after patch 3.3 - due to the insane behavior of bots interacting with ammo. Half of the arena of many of the final map events became buggy because of this.

These are bugs. Bugs should be fixed, any bugs. To think otherwise is stupid. Good developers will fix bugs and get players to thank.

P.S: I will also create such a theme soon, if there are no positive changes in the next patch.


Great, I look forward to the game becoming completely unplayable once player numbers drop off further.

Or they could fix a core feature of the game and ensure long term playability in one go. There’s no excuse for the bots being the way they are, no being a co-op focused game is not a good excuse as there are myriad reasons not everyone can play with people all the time. Bots need to function properly, no excuses, it would only improve the game for them to get fixed.


^^^^ This is very important. I still play V1 but considering how low the player base is currently, the bots are essential. They were wonky on release but aged like a fine wine.

At least in V1, bots are completely capable to survive even with Cata full book runs.


Yeah exactly. I actually came to V1 pretty late and if it wasn’t for the decent bots (downright great with the mod) there’s no way I would have gotten half the hours I did out of that game. Really really want future V2 players to have a similar experience available to them.


I agree with each word! :sparkling_heart:

Too important theme, need to draw the attention of Developers to this until changes come.


that is due to the much better bot improvement mod. we could likely have better bots in vermintide 2 if fatshark would actually sanction important mods like the impulse control mod.

That’s not necessarily true. I have never used mods in V1 and can still do full book runs on Cata difficulty.

Impulse control would only fix a portion of what bots do wrong as well.



They were never great

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They were mediocre but now they are beyond bad.


its a start. if modders have a big chance to get bot imbrovement mods sanctioned then they will likely make more or a big one with all the fixes one would need.

Idk, m8. Their issues have been there for a very long time.
It’s just the game that got harder. Bots are basically the same and can’t keep up. I guess.

I will repeat it for the 1001st time - the change from patch 3.3 about bots and ammo, which was supposed to improve the bots, made their behavior completely buggy and just terrible. (I will write about it everywhere, as it very hurts my solo play).

It’s true!
Unfortunately, the opposite is happening - mods have not been sanctioned for a long time, and judging by the comments, this deprives mod authors of the motivation to work further. Badly.


Absolutely, bots are abysmal. I like playing with friends, but my connection is never stable because of where I live. Thus, I often play alone.

Bots need to be able to do all the basic, reasonable things; not fall off cliffs, not stand in the gas, not run off without warning to chase down an ambling blight stormer half a kilometer away when they could use their ranged, and revive players instead of poking a boss’s back for five minutes while I bleed out.

That’s the minimum. I would really, really like it if bots could understand objectives. Many maps aren’t fun solo because you don’t actually get to play - you just have to single-handedly schlep the objective while the bots fail to cover your back. That’s a lot more to ask, but I’d be happy if they were basically competent.

Oh, and can we fix that they run straight into Buffleborp Heckinsplurge’s tornado when he teleports into the middle of the arena?


Sorry, completely forgot about that feature. It’s actually really convenient when it works properly. Nevertheless, I think we all can agree that there are tons of problems with bots and they have never been fixed.
Bots can’t keep up anyway :tired_face:.

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