bots broken

Ive been playing on legendary and the bots are so absurdly useless I cannot believe fatshark can in good conscious call this a finished game. At level 30, playing with bots I routinely see two of my bots die within the first wave of the game. I usually have to set free kerillion a minimum of four times a match, she in particular is so useless she will flat out die, not get knocked out, but actually die within 30 seconds of a set-free. I have watched kruber spend a solid twenty seconds staring at me on a rats catchpole and not cut me down even though there were no enemies in sight. All bots go out of there way to aggro every rothelm patrol which will without fail kill kerillion. At every opportunity all bots go out of their way to stand in poison gas clouds. I am not asking fatshark to make good bots, but at a minimum they owe the players bots that are not completely useless. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CODE THEM SO THAT THEY STAY NEAR THE PLAYERS

The bots do fine if you set them up right. You can adjust bot priority in Settings, and the bots use the Career and equipment you last had on that character. Give them simple-to-use melee weapons, sniping-capable ranged weapons and reasonably tough Careers to use. Play some of those other characters too so that they aren’t stuck on level one.

There are still problems with them and their individual survivability is nowhere near a decent player, but they do work. You just have to take some action to ensure that, both in the Keep and in-game.


Apart from the times when they dont. Last time I played with one mate and 2 bots, both of them stuck every time I asked any of them to pick up a book. One time they stuck on Against’s second grim for good. And I mean for good - they just chilled there on that windmill until we beat the level just the two of us.

I agree that the AI utilizes some builds significantly better than others, but then again - you never know how they will screw you over :grinning:
So bottom line: bots are minimal stupid placeholders in a team-oriented game. Cannot find a team, oh well, you’d better be good at soloing.

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Stuff like this makes me wonder if they could just implement more dynamic difficulty based on the number of players and not have to bother with bots if you don’t want them. DRG just lets you have Bosco as a solo player for the rare occasion you’re disabled or downed. Maybe Olesya could be a hands-off version of that in this game.

Running any combination of Mercenary, Unchained, Ironbreaker and/or any of Saltzpyre’s careers on Legend, my bots rarely even take damage from a horde if positioning is decent. They pretty much only struggle when there’s elites mixed in or a monster, and of course need babysitting with specials. I honestly feel like they could take on Cataclysm and be alright so long as I can keep specials away from them.

Choice of careers does make an enormous impact though. Never take a Kerillian bot, Ranger Veteran/Slayer, Huntsman or any Sienna except Unchained. RV might seem nice for the potions and bombs, but he dies so incredibly frequently that it’s rarely active and the bonus never seemed that useful to me.

Otherwise…sometimes they freak out over tomes/grims in weird places, but sometimes you can furiously jump up and down or reposition around the book and they’ll teleport over to you and pick it up, or they’ll magically grab it from across the map later. Never seen them get permanently stuck unless a player tries to assist them in doing something, then they’ll screw themselves over. And yes they’ll throw themselves off the map in Halescourge and awkwardly rub their butts against your face when you’re down and fighting a monster, but that’s just bots for you. They’re not perfect and obviously ymmv - some people can barely clear Veteran, some people do Cataclysm with bots. The factors that contribute to this can be numerous.


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