Usless and stupid bots

I dont now why, bit in this Game, the bots are usless. They dont help you, dont revive you, are so far always, and are stupid.

Don’t play with bots? But yes, they have below average AI. The best is when they pull a patrol and wipe your team.

play quickplay a bit, give it some time, you’ll find that players do the same stuff but worse, HAHAHA

i kid

HAHAHA, no you do not.

As for bots, I remember such topic being created about 3 days ago, and there is always one alive in Feedback section. It’s all here.

Bots seems to have gotten worse at combat after the 1.0.5 patch that introduced the HP fixes. They seemed to able to do okay with the increased damage/stagger/cleave multipliers (brute force essentially) and now with overall less cleave/stagger/damage their timings are all horribly off and they die very quickly when they fight 3+ enemies.

And run into and die to hordes almost instantly.

It depends on the loadout. Just tank them all up and they will be fine (except elf). Not only that, but also very helpful.

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