Bot AI seems to be bad if playing alone

I played now 3 matches at lvl3 as lvl 30 ogryn.

Guess this worked because i went into lvl3 games and still wear the cloths from the begining. So people who joint thought i would be lvl1 or so and instantly leave :slight_smile:

To the topic:
This bots are really no help most of the time and really need some serious rework.
Mostly they just stay in place or run around wild.

I dont know i others hade have the same experience, but playing with bots really dont is fun sadly (only hade the chance to test this 3 times).

I know it is a coop-game, but somtimes i just want to walk around and enjoy the environment. Or just play on a very slow pace having a fun time.
You cant really do this with other random players.