The bots suck

So I have had 3 legend runs in a row now that have been ruined by the bots. On all of them I was skirting around the outside cause a patrol was on the opposite side and I didn’t wanna agro it or give the bots any reason to. Just as I’m about to move on to the next area I can hear the patrol a good ways off behind me shift or shuffle or just make some extra noise and then yell out. I turn around and look back and my bots are all over at the patrol which at this point is easily a football fields distance away. They just decided to charge headlong into the patrol for no reason. I had to check 3 times to see if anyone had joined my session cause I’ve seen other people do that and ruin a run but nope just me and some highly over zealous bots. All 3 times a horde spawned at the same time my bots started to engage the patrol and we wiped cause shield vermin are the worst. I could see why my Bardin might do something like charging every patrol ever cause I do have him as the slayer but why have they been waiting till just before I’m gonna leave the area to decide hey let’s not just continue on our way and turn 180 degrees to go back and charge patrol that is leaving the area walking away from us.

about the patrol, probably they noticed a special (crossing the patrol) and went for it…
There’s a sanctioned mod improving the bots a lot, check the workshop (if you are using a PC…).

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While the bots behave stupidly (especially against specials and Bosses), their behavior is predictable and can be worked around when you learn it. You can also equip them to survive and handle things better, but it seems you already know this. As @azaroth75 said, on PC you can also use the Bot improvements mod to somewhat enhance their behavior. You can also occasionally rush ahead (or backtrack), as they will teleport to you when you’re far enough, even when struck down or hanging from a ledge. Other than that, it’s all about learning the bots’ behavior patterns, working around them when you can, and learning to not care about their exploits when you can’t. They are worse than most human players on purpose (although I kind of wish they were a bit more… humanly stupid).

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Bots are better than randoms. I wish this wasn’t true but it is. At least their stupidity is predictable.

Check if kruber is set up as foot knight and change him to merc with damage reduction instead. I’ve seen foot knight bots charge patrols before.

If the patrol is far enough away let the bot(s) who aggro’d it wipe and the patrol will deaggro and go back to patrolling.

Also quick question though are the bots suppose to go after specials that are all the way across the map

it’s wrong, but at least now, with the mod they are less fuzzy and more predictable and reliable.

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