Why have the bots become so dumb

Recently I have got back into the game after a few months hiatus for the grail knight update and the BBB. I usually play legend with my friend and sometimes it is hard to find a full team so we are left with two bots. I don’t understand what has happened but the bots seem to have become so dumb. The constantly steal health pots, pull patrols, wonder from the group, ignore obvious enemies and do stupid things. It feels like we are playing with casual level bots. I don’t remember this being an issue before and I don’t remember bots being able to pull patrols. I don’t know if this is a common or known issue for others as I am more of a casual player and don’t tend to keep up with what is happening in the community.

They didnt change anything about them

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Are you playing with or without the Improved Bots Mod?

This is a common issue when playing with bots. Bots can and will pull patrols and wander from the group (usually attempting to melee a long-ranged special). See Allow bots to kill specials with ranged weapons

Bots can and will ignore obvious enemies especially if they are chasing after another unit (again, usually a special). Bots will get health potions on their own if all human players already have an item in their health item slot (tome or healing draught or medical supplies).

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