Bots are still pretty stupid

  1. Can we make bots not drop tomes in favor of healing? Or at the very least use said healing?
  2. Bots will get stuck on stairs and if, say, you get knocked down nearby they will just stand there and let you bleed out.
  3. Bots can’t pick up grims which is annoying.
  4. Bots will follow a disabled player and use a charged melee attack on a hookrat/assassin rather than just shoot the thing.
  5. Sienna bots rarely use their ranged weapons.

(I understand some of these things are not new)

  1. bots will teleport to you when you charge ahead, making for much faster clears
  2. bots will protect you if you are completing an objective, unlike other players
  3. bots will medicate you and supply you with potions and bombs if you use them
  4. bots are predictable and won’t stray off (unless they get stuck)
  5. bots are fairly accurate and will hunt down specials

with bots, i know i can clear champion runs slowly but surely. (eager to try them out on legend LOL)

they have their pros and cons!

You like to defend bots when most of the time theyre incredibly unreliable , they DO glitch out , they DO spaz , they DO NOT pick up books that you want them to , they DO use up healing supplies for no absolute reason , they DO infinitely try to revive someone in the middle of a massive hoard until they are guard broken and
get shredded to bits

The list goes on and on

i defend bots because 75% of the time, they are better than the players in quickplay. LOL

i am sure you agree!