BOTs need to stop being stupid

Bots needs to stop pulling patrolls
Bots needs to stop damaging/killing you during the Mutator Ranald’s sparking gift
Bots needs to stop using melee on Kamikaze rats
Bots needs to stop charging specials firing at them and with their ranged gun out waiting to get really close before shooting ( they die in the process )
Bots needs to stop bathing in gaz pool and tornados
Bots needs to stop rushing Burblespue when he teleport in the middle of the arena to cast his tornado
Bots needs to stop getting stuck randomly waiting you to get very far away before they can teleport
Bots needs to stop getting stuck when you order them to get a book if they can’t reach it
Bots needs to stop shoving their asses with your ranged weapons whenever you trying to shoot
Bots needs to stop healing Zealot
Did miss some ?

Bots don’t need to carry you, they need to stay alive enough to carry books at least
Devs shoudl’nt use the argument " encourage people to play together " to avoid working on them

i’m pretty sure y’all don’t pick books and i understand, that’s why i usualy play with bots on legend to get the weekly challenges done.
These cases happend all the times and i’m getting tired of it, i wish to be able to reach the devs with these problems they seems to forget or push for later, these bots behavior are embarrassing.


Bots are still better than legend qp :smiley:


Right where it hurt…
Yeah that one of the real reason why i’m doing book run with bots can’t help it, they have the benefit of not insulting you

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Pretty much, lol.

Bots should also start acknowledging the existence of ungor archers (they completely ignore them unless they’re in melee distance, and so they don’t block or dodge them at all).


Why? Don’t you want bots to be like real players? It’s more immersive!

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Bots could definitely be better yeah. It’s just the lowest priority because you’re "suppost to play with other humans. But sometimes you have no other choice but to play solo, which is problematic.

Weaves for instance don’t support bots and if you don’t have a premade party of friends it’s impossible to play them without enforcing true solo on yourself.

i play often with duo with bots (2 players, 2 bots) because it s fun, its fun to see bots i have spent countless hours testing and building do well on cata, it feels much more rewarding to complete a cata mission with duo bots or only bots then with 3 other players.

i think its a bad mindset that “you are supposed to play with other players”. just let players have a fun time with bots and players without the bots having major issues can that cause wipes.

fatshark just need to do one thing, just let modders improve the bots and give them clear instructions on what they can and cant make the bots do. the only think fatshark need to do is review the bot mods and sanction them. there is already a mod that fixes a huge issue with the bots, but it hasnt been sanctioned for some reason.

it would be a nice thing if bots tried to not get surrounded by walking backwards or much closer to a player if there are enemies on the side.

bots needs to have mixed priority when it comes to monster + horde. 1 or 2 bots can be allowed to attack the monster while 1 or 2 other bots have clearing the area of the horde as their biggest priority.

would be nice if bots could dodge some infantry attacks from marauders and clan rats, for them to be able to do this however, they would need to have a secondary priority to try to have their flanks secure by walking backwards or trying to get close to a player.

bot aggressivness is also a thing that could be tweaked. sometimes the bots will just stand around if i attack a lone chaos warrior or some lone elites, this could be changed to that they at least attack it or attack enemies nearby of there are any.


being able to point them a place to cover and/or to set priorities would solve half of the problems.
And add new bugs :smiley:

Since balance patch they also like to run off edges…

I totally agree with you.
Frankly I don’t know why FS won’t let us play without bots at all - maybe tweak a bit one-shot mechanics…
It should be fun to play together with other people, sadly it usually is not. You have not way to mark the good players you’ve played with - this game provides no opportunity to talk with people you’ve played or organise a deed run or an achievement run since 2015…

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Maybe try the “add friend” function in Steam? You can also use the FS forum, steam forum, reddit or discord to find people to play with.

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Bots going into gas, charging rattling guns and flamethrowers with their ranged out and refusing to shoot them, refusing to follow and then dying to a single disabler, and the way they fight bosses are the biggest issues hands down.

You get them into a wide open space alone with the boss and they’re perfect, occasionally get grabbed by spawn but that’s fine. Monster + Horde? Get demolished by the horde and refuse to acknowledge them. And on top of all this, they will charge the monster as soon as they see it, even if it means fighting it on a ledge where they inevitably all get knocked off, leaving you to fight the monster and any spawns solo.

To fix: Have them stick to you at all times, put in command to have bots clear horde OR just have 2 bots on the monster and another to protect their flanks, and don’t let them charge ranged specials if they still have ammo left.

It’s completely alien to me that the store i buy my games at tries to be my messenger as well.
It does not work like this.
All other vistas… Well it is doable but I don’t care about it that much to do it. If it was in-game - sure, but to use 3rd party programs/sites to LFP? That’s odd.

I think a quick and easy fix would be so that the bots would obey the radial menu commands.

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Suit yourself.


Bots need to stop to waste half of their ammo on random mobs on the map and then never shoot a special even if their life depends on it.


They need to be able to see disablers.

At the minute you have to deal with disablers, because they always let themselves get caught.

Packmasters and Leeches at difficulty spikes are pretty much a wipe.

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These issues come up together :
Their IA want them to be active on their guns, not usefull just active which mean wasting half on whatever without prerequirements, job done.
Not to be a kind of aimbot ez win and kill all disabler around, they purposely dumb not seeing a leech/packmaster alone in a halfway until it grab somebody, which force the player to use ammo on it, chasing down blightstormers, gas rat awkwardly till melee.
BUT when they see an assassin they often deal with it pretty nicely without looking cheesy or awkward all the time (which mean the crying babies reached the devs for the assassins).

Adding conditions for them to shoot down enemies like some kind “aim timer” after seeing a special at “this range” and what kind of special it is, even shooting if “this many” Elites come close to you, the radial menu help them to not stay in gas or avoid a tornado but this would make them probably better than QP, but man you don’t need to have them so awkward all the time :upside_down_face:

“Bots are not our priority” is the only message we got and it tells a lot :upside_down_face:


I wish I could like this post a dozen times.
Playing with even a single bot can be a nightmare! Not everyone has a 4-man group, and playing QP is a crap-shoot. Can’t we have at least decent bots?
I honestly can’t count the number of cata runs killed by a bot pulling a patrol.

Also, bots need to stop wasting their ammo on clan rats and save it for Specials ONLY. Yes, even when they have above half ammo. Whoever thought of this arbitrary limitation has clearly never played the game above Recruit.

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