Could we please do something about bots?

I know this gets mentioned plenty but was playing some private RV throwing axes games to practice and work towards the new Okri’s illusions (don’t wanna bring them into QP till I’m better with them since their ff is so rough) and it really just hammered home some of the bots’ most frustrating behaviours.

Specifically I’m talking about their love of standing on top of you or running slightly in front of you whenever you stand still to try to line up a shot. It literally feels like their trying their best to constantly get in the way of my shots no matter how much I try to avoid them. With many ranged weapons I just wouldn’t care but with throwing axes I end up mulching their health.

I know FS wants to encourage multiplayer but ruining my practice runs with unreasonably silly bot behaviour does not push me to QP, it just makes me turn the game off and play something else.

Could we please please get a fix to make them at least prioritise not running directly in front of you when you’ve got your ranged weapon out, or at least not try to stand right on top of you half the time.


Keribot: “WHY AM I ON FIRE?!?”
Me: Because you keep stepping in front of a wizard. Figure it out.


I remember seeing some dev talk about how they design their bots to “follow” you by pathing them to a location in front of you so they would lag behind as much, helps them participate in melee combat as they are closer to you, but they tend to be in the way of your shot a whole lot more. When you aren’t pushing forward and holding out for a horde for example, for some reason they just wanna be in your line of sight, like a needy little puppy dog. It’s worse when you’re trying to shoot them and force them to top off with a potion and they just start scrambling around and walking directly inside of you. There are a whole lot of players who are just as oblivious to friendly fire as the bots are that we likely try to avoid shooting out of respect but it’s just as bad potentially.

Oh yeah i got an idea, why not adding an event that make bots blows up on allies making them nice big damage and kills them.

since bot likely to follow the host ( if not chasing a flamethrower ) i’m pretty sure it’s gonna be fun to handle this hardcore smart mechanic.

jhon you filthy little clown there’s no way…

Wait… did they really ?

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