All I want for Christmas is bots that don't aggro patrols

I know, lots of people are sick of bot complainers. Honestly I’m mostly fine with where they’re at at the moment, but this one big issue still looms over them and makes playing with them an extremely salty experience at times. The other day I heard a patrol coming while playing solo, so immediately ran as far away as possible to try and draw the bots far enough away they don’t get any stupid ideas. I then watched as my IB bot hung around fighting a handful of slave rats for 10-20 seconds until the patrol bumped right into him. Yes I am running the bot mod with the option to make them stick closer selected. No it isn’t vaguely reliable, bots still run off to chase specials regularly, and as seen with the IB instance they also sometimes just refuse to follow you despite only minor threats in their area (also this is shield IB for christ’s sake, just walk towards me spamming push for crying out loud).

I know some people dislike the idea of better bots because they think it will hurt the QP pool, but here’s the thing; I’ve been trying to QP first and foremost with little luck. Last time I tried I could only get a single person who joined decently late into the run, then died and left. Today the only game I could find was a 200 ping twitch game which… yeah I ain’t good enough for that, not at that ping for sure. I just wanna play the damn game, but everything I do except playing in a premade at the moment is just a continuous wall of frustration.

If I’m gonna be regularly forced to play with bots, could we at least make them invisible to patrols until the patrol is aggrod? At this point it seems like that would be an easier fix than making them actually follow you properly and not run off after specials with their melee weapon out, which both FS and modders seem unable to do currently.

Seriously, player numbers are only going down further from here in all likelihood, once Darktide comes out I imagine it will be much worse still. I don’t need bots to be great players, I just need them to not make aggroing patrols their life’s mission. Can’t even use a WS bot at all she has such a penchant for flinging trueflight volleys at pats, but it seems like every bot is a Slayer in disguise looking for an (honourable?) death.


I feel even worse when all of them run to the other side of the map to kill a ratling gun while I’m bleeding on the ground. It’s a distant memory, but still fresh :stuck_out_tongue:

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As an Xbox player who plays a lot with bots I have experienced this as well quite a few times. Even though the bots are in a pretty good place right now some of their behaviors never change.

The one that annoys me the most is their need to chase gasrats to the end of the world and ignore everything else. That and insisting to try headbutting warpfire throwers at a certain range.

Last week I was doing a run on the Citadel of Eternity, on Legend, and it became almost impossible to progress because specials kept spawning in and the bots would run all over the place to kill them only to be unable to fight their way back to me and I couldn‘t stem the tide on my own.

It was in this room with multiple levels, stairs and more stairs. I was at the top, the bots would run back down, kill a gasrat and try to run back up and then something else spawned in and they turned back. Oh well, it was a good run until that happened.

Funnily enough the bot mod on PC has an option to stop them doing that, but while it might make it happen less often, they still do it all the time. They just have a burning hatred of gas rats hard coded into them :rofl:

Mod “Bots Improvement - Combat” is great. I have endless respect to the author. This mod made my life better.

BUT. The mod only covers 50% of my needs for normal bots. For example, I need bots NOT CHASE specials, not in some cases, but ALWAYS. That is, in the same way as did THIS mod in Vermintide One.

And the second thing. I have a fear that with the next patch the mod will be broken / conflict with the game or other horror story. Developers must incorporate the mod into the base game as soon as possible, and of course improve it.

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Chadly bots run towards pats to melee the gas rat, always

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Had a Kruberbot decide to open fire on a gas rat standing next to a patrol the other day, total chad move.

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Exactly. And I watch such a circus all the time. At the same time, Kruber is a very incompetent bot, he suffers from damage more than other bots and dies up to three times per map. :skull:

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have my cata attempts ruined because bots decided to melee run towards Gasrats instead of sniping. Either pulling patrols, or letting me deal with all the trash from behind they conveniently leave. Gasrights are easily the most annoying special in this game, solely do to how the A.I react to them.

Fatshark should make patrols immune to bots’ attacks or ults until they are aggroed by a human player.

Bots actually can’t trigger patrols via line of sight and bots won’t attack an unaggroed patrol. I’ve had bots go through a patrol and the patrol wasn’t triggered. However, what usually happens is that the bots will shoot or ult at a non-patrol enemy causing their shot or ult to also hit the nearby patrol, triggering it.


Aye worst one is being tucked into a shadowy corner all snug… just dealt with a hooky… and suddenly Grail bot goes full Monty Python and legs it into the Chaos pat, dying instantly like “tra la laaa!” It’s hilarious. But annoying.