Bots aggro patrols

Could bots please stop aggroing patrols ?


I’m torn apart.
On the one hand bots definitely should not aggro them at all because they can just chase a special or just act dumb/get stuck, on the other hand… Don’t avoid patrols git gud

In the wastes you dont really wana fight a chaos patrol in the first missions, your weapons are disasterously weak and you´ve no boons and likely lack supplies too. Even a stormvermin patrol could be really bad depending on teamcomp.

Goat patrols just need you to kill/bomb the banner and you are good.


Seriously i´ve had more than a few…Leerooy’s, run into chaos patrols with say ironbreaker only to realize they´ve no extra stamina or BCR and they promptly die 2 seconds later. Then they flame their teammates for not helping or being able to do anything about the warriors.

Moral of the story? Dont freaking pull the patrols without supplies and teamcomp in place.


True, although I’ve met some unavoidable ones. That’s why I bring a big torpedo to the party now.

But yeah, it’s not a matter of getting good. I see the partol aggro problem as mostly a consequence of the biggest bot problem: their unswerving drive to launch crusades against far away specials. Even siennabots seem to forgo their staffs on their urge to strangle shooting firerats or ratling guns with their bare hands.
This should be fixed at least by telling them not to move too far away from teammates. There’s no excuse for bots to run in the opposite direction from the party, just so they could kill a special which is not currently a threat for the party. :frowning:


Thanks for the right words! I can confirm that this is exactly what leads to most of my failures on solo Legend.

I would say more generally. Problems begin when bots, obeying scripts, destroy the formation. There are three such problems:

  1. When bots run forward / backward in a mad hunt for a specials they can’t see, but want to hit it in close combat, or shoot him ONLY point blank.
  2. When the bots are cowardly run to cover, hiding from the rattling fire, and at this time the Mighty Minotaur chops them to pieces - without any reaction from the bots. They just stand and die and cry. My heart is broken.
  3. When bots courageously rush to a monster and stick to it. The trouble is not even that they are being hit on the back by other enemies. Bots, no matter how hard I try, always attack the monster in the worst possible place - where moster can easily overwhelm the bots with their crush AoE attacks.

My suggestion: let the bots don’t run anywhere at all. Let them stand close to the host all the time, follow him, fight with the enemies that are in the vicinity. Let them shoot at the specials / elite / monsters they see.

But no initiative!

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There’s two types of Vermintide player: playing for the grind (hence you’re permitted to avoid anything really, grind your gear all you like), but when grinding is mostly a story from your past and you’re playing for the fun and skill - avoiding patrols is just meh, just my take :stuck_out_tongue:

I am well past the point of needing gear and attacking a chaos patrol when you have the gear for it is a fine thing to do. In QP i dont mind at all.

But in the chaos wastes? Where a starter longbow doesnt even kill stormvermin on a headshot? That aint a fun fight, just a suicide unless you got really lucky with the first few potions you found and got a couple of endless bombs.

Patrols should be immune to bots’ ranged attacks or ults until they are aggroed by a human player.


not everyone can solo cata patrols. bots might not be that bad against stormvermin, but a chaos patrol will almost guaranteed kill the bots.

Honestly bots weren’t that bad before IB bot held his god damn block under career skill. Now he just tries to fight all the CWs and just dies. Previously you could clear a lot of CW’s during his career skill and pick him up after and clear the rest if you didn’t already. Now he just dies most of the time even on regular Cata.

he will block like before if you use the talent that increase power by 20%

Actually I just solved this case yesterday. I mistakenly used Bot Improvement mod that had overridden all the new changes. Disabling it made the bots play better.

I’ve had Bot Improvements disabled since the “bots improvement” patch a couple of months ago.

I did it as soon as the “Ping Elites” function was broken. This is very bad, I am now sorely missing this feature.

In addition, in any case with or without a broken mod, bots interact very poorly with Chaos Warriors . It seems that the bots don’t see them in close combat. In fact, in order to hit the Chaos Warrior, the bot needs to face it, the bot itself almost never attacks the Chaos Warriors.

Really? Can you provide some example?

I have it currently on, and I was surprised of how they seem to chase faraway specials even more, when the patch notes said they should do it less.
On the other hand without the mod I seem to remember they really used ridiculous attacks in combat (like single targets charged attacks against a horde)

Pulls the patrol, runs to the Boss Chest, summons the boss and then does a dropdown to the next area.

Some players play scorched earth I tell you. I’ll take bots pulling patrols over that.

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From what I’ve noticed: IB bot using his heavy bash more often
Generally I was just more happy with the bots after I turned off the mod

Still happens without the mod. They still die to solo Flame/Gun rats. I think Fatshark broke something after the bot patch, because for the first days they used to actually deal with that pretty nicely :\

That’s just pure trolls

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