Unavoidable patrols

Recently I’ve been getting party wiping patrols that sit right around the corner, and don’t make a sound until you run into them. Obviously they aggro you on sight, and they tend to spawn in narrow corridors, so they end up wiping the party with no chance to avoid them.

This needs to be fixed, as it’s a rather cheap way to make a player(or 4) lose.


Yeah, during careful play with bots BS patrols are my number 1 source of a run ender. Unavoidable / silent / stuck / spawns right in your face patrols. Yes they still do this.

Fatshark doesn’t care about people who play with bots though.

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My Bots handle a patrol better than randoms… and if you played a while, you do know every point on the map, where a patrol could spawn so, just be careful.

Do you even play legend? I’m at around 500 hours and completed all levels on multiple chars on legend with bots only. They are most weak against patrols. That would be fine in itself but it’s not when patrols don’t make noise, spawn right in front of your face or get stuck in places where you can’t bypass them.

Or looks like 1 mob then fans or into a dozen when you hit it.

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Such week as the most of the players are vs patrols… they can´t throw bombs, thats their only disadvantage… if you know their locations, you could prepare for it…

I’m gonna say your director is extremely kind to you then because unless you’re true soloing every time, your bots should be often instagibbed with most hosts’ directors I’ve seen. They’re so dumb that even if I’m duoing, if I’m the one hosting I know anyone else who joins is probably going to be replacing a corpse.

Things bots can do:

  • dodge dance Roger

Things they can’t do:

  • patrols
  • more than one special
  • More than one elite (they don’t know how to not eat the 2nd/3rd massive elite swing)
  • mixed hordes
  • position themselves if there’s more than one PC
  • knock Assassin’s/pack rats
  • not stand in gas
  • Not stand in storms
  • not aggro patrols
  • jump over a lot of things
  • not waste healing
  • not leave healing on the ground when a PC is holding a time
  • fight any non-Roger boss
  • revive
  • pick up pinged objects in a timely fashion

Like… They are duuuuuuuuumb… 1 bot is fine. 2 bots is ok unless you get Moe than one of the above scenarios at once. 3 bots is a ticking time bomb.

Maybe, I’m running an overclocked i7 980x first gen i7. So that’s a hexacore each running at 4Ghz. I can’t imagine that’s underpowered for a weaker AI director.

Yeah, one of my biggest complaints is the stupidity of the bots.

The director is not so kind. Soloing with bots it’s maybe a 1 in 3 or 4 success rate. I have to take maps very cautiously, take hordes before I know a potential boss will spawn and babysit the idiot bots who do their best to take friendly fire, don’t bother getting players up or don’t even path to players when down half the time.

I don’t know what actually causes is, just that it’s definitely a thing. I tried throttling VT2 to 1% CPU and that my director was still on crack so maybe it’s just a random hardware quirk or something. Btw I wasn’t trying to insult you or anything, even with an easier director, completing any runs with bots is an achievement because of their aforementioned stupidity.

That makes more sense then. In my experience, if they ever encounter 2 SV at once w/o me to instagib em, all three will often block the 1st SV then eat the 2nd’s overhead chop simultaneously.

Did the same by disabling cores in msconfig and had the same result. The AI director pretty much still screwed me but I had to deal with it at about half the FPS, so all in all better playing with all cores enabled.

No worries, I didn’t think you were firing off an insult at all. I hope for a sanctioned mod to improve bots at some point.

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oh yeah, no i REALLY hate these patrols ingame, i love the idea of them dont get me wrong, i mean the silent ones. i have had already waaaaaay to many games o skittergate where my team is running through those tiny small one way tunnles, WHEN SUDDENLY we face a stormvermin patrol and we cant land a bomb because the dumb shieldvermin are in the way!

omg shield vermin blocking bombs and ults has got to be the dumbest thing in gaming… At the bare minimum the bumb/ult should knock them on their asses or fully remove the shield… not this, “lol that tickled” mini-stagger bs.

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Patrols do seem to work poorly in their current state.

  • Some do not produce sound until you have line of sight
  • They get stuck constantly. And when I say constantly I mean all the god**** time, leaving you no choice, but to engage them. :confused:
  • They even get stuck on nothing. Just standing in the middle of nowhere, making you think it’s just the regular chaff. You attack a CW and suddenly you have an entire patrol shoved down your throat.
  • Patrol paths are just screwed on some maps leaving you very little to no room to maneuver around them. (Like the first ravine on Athel Yenlui or the Y-shaped cave on Skittergate where you have to jump down after the second tome.)
    Getting patrols in these areas basically gurantees that you’ll have to engage them, which I don’t think is in the spirit of the idea of patrols.
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