Fatshark, fix the goddamn patrol issues already

Atleast half of my legend wipes are caused by silent patrols, stuck patrols or even patrols materializing out of thin air in an alley right next to you during a horde, pathing close enough to where you are currently locked down and get triggered automatically. This is the definition of anti-fun because there is no adapting around it. Im not saying that everytime this happens we wipe, if the terrain is good enough to actually fight the patrol and/or we have a surplus of bombs, its fine. But when it goes bad, its just infurating.

This goes hand in hand with enemy clipping inside of each other issues and shield SV being nigh immortal when they bunch up.

Im aware this issue has been brought up alot, but apparently not enough.


I’ve had the same experience. I can count on one hand the number of times a patrol actually behaved correctly. They’re too quiet (if they even do audio at all), their “parking spots” are really dumb and too close to the play area, there’s never any useful warning (unlike in VT1), and their bugginess causes wipes. It’s more manageable now that chaos patrols are more balanced but that’s not the point… They’re just not working right now.

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Just had a patrol spawn right on top of me on the first tome location in dreisdunkel mine. Apart from the near heart attack of them suddenly materializing and yelling their spawning and trigger sound point blank range at the same time, this seriously makes me consider just dropping the game for a while.

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This has been an issue since V1 and they’ve been trying to solve it. You don’t magically wave a wand and fix stuff. I think they are still trying to figure out why it even happens as it isn’t something you can replicate on demand, not to mention the sheer amount of variables they have to account for.

Just made another thread about this. It’s happening in vet too. I’m sure they are aware, but I just wanted to bump this.

Thats weird. I played around 400 hours of v1 and never had any of the listed issues with patrols. Only started happening in v2.

The biggest problem is not necessarily patrols getting stuck. Its being silent and stuck. If they made enough noise, more than half patrol wipes would be avoidable, im pretty certain. The problem is them not making any noise when not moving. As a quick fix, they should change that. Make them do patrol chants all the time, regardless of moving or not.

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If you had 400 hrs and never had a facepatrol then you are lucky. Its one of the well known vermintide memes… The issue is that the audio cues are also bugged hence the silent patrols.

Same. Never had a patrol issue in V1 over the course of hundreds of hours. Sometimes you’d here them spawn last minute but nothing ever spawned directly into my face or popped into the play field anywhere visible. Always had time to react, no matter what. In V2, almost every patrol is either bugged and permablocking a chokepoint, spawns on top of you, or spawns pre-aggroed, almost always silently.

Same here, it’s never happened in my 550hours of V1.

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To be fair though I did start playing after the 2nd expansion so a lot of the kinks were worked out. To be realistic, why the hell does V2 have every single problem they already fixed in V1? XD