Chaos patrol GG

On legendary.

What do we think about tuning down chaos patrol?

They are still too easy to run into. They also spawn on you sometimes. They also get stuck very often.

Because of that, it would be great to have a fighting chance rather than guaranteed wipe.

Almost all my wipes are from chaos patrol.


Its not a 100% wipe but they do suck, certainly 10x harder than storm patrols. Once we had a chaos and a storm patrol both bug out right ontop of the 2nd grim in Right Stand, good stuff.

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I think a reasonable nerf would be to drop them from 8 chaos warriors to 6. Still a wipe for a bad group, but it puts them more on the level of a Stormvermin patrol. The only reason I suggest this nerf is because patrols are meant to be avoided, but currently they get stuck, magically appear next to you, or patrol areas that can’t really be avoided. Alternatively, change it so its 4 executioners and 4 chaos warriors instead.

My favorite is turning a corner or jumping down a ledge only to have a chaos patrol spawn directly in front/on top of you. You get about half a second to realize how dead you are before the shout and charge.

Best part is you are running map and BUM, instant Chaos Patrol around the corner in small area without way out- fun and balance, right here, right now.


I think they just need to fix their spawns and pathing. Once that’s done, they should remain as they are. They’re not insurmountable; some classes (Slayer is great at this, actually) can scythe through them like they’re butter.

I think one reason people have such problems with them is that they panic and don’t know how to fight multiple armored enemies they can’t just whip out a sidearm and blast. Sure, Bounty Hunter can take out two quick (with Blessed Shot and his F), but then he’s out of luck. Fighting a group is more like fighting a group of Stormvermin from the first game. Unless you get cornered or make a big mistake, you’ll be fine.

First just clear out the chaff, then whittle down the warriors.

A few problems I’ve noticed with patrols in general

  • Perhaps inproved recently - silent spawns. I might attack a “lone” warrior only to find he has a few friends.
  • Short patrol routes. Lets hope we don’t get a horde here, that patrol is already coming back this way.
  • Patrols don’t despawn. Possibly because their routes are so small, most games we have to hide at least twice. This was rare in VT1.
  • Stuck patrols. Usually at the end of their route where they turn around they seems to have a bit of trouble climbing a wall or something. I wonder if this is because the patrols (particularly Skaven) are so large on Legend, and were mostly tested on lower difficulties.
    e.g. Righteous stand, Bastion Entrance, room above where the elevator stops, the wooden wall. Empire in Flames, when exiting the wine cellar, the small wall to the right at the top of the stairs.
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My friend has a nice idea:

Why don’t FS make patrols carry a banner or have different color uniform.

The latter problem of getting stuck for a long while as they climb was in the first game. Stormvermin patrols had 20 members in that game. It took them FOREVER to climb over things. Fighting such a patrol was pretty much GG in that game, too, unless you had specific combinations of weapons/traits, a few bombs. And while there was the occasional face-spawn, it was extremely rare; I’m sure I only saw it once or twice in 300 hours.

The chaos pat on its own is not that hard. Its the simultanous horde or the location youre in. (Not counting specials since theyre omnipresent).
Pretty sure that if they fix patrol paths they wont be that much of a deal if not entirely avoidable. The current difficulty is an artificial difficulty - you get forced to fight them in the spot you encounter them due to being stuck or spawning in your face.
The only bad placement ive seen so far is in right stand at 3rd tome, when they come down the stairs and there is a boss encounter.
I like the challenge to dodge / fight a patrol, or fight a boss. But both of them in the same spot, and both have to be faced… meh. 100% wipe.

I rarely get to engage a chaos patrol on its own in some good areas. Its almost always in some small areas and with specials and stuff flying about.

The two times I engaged them in good areas, we survive. Otherwise, its auto wipe.

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They’re too rng. Sometimes you can cheese them in some areas, but more areas than not the chaos warriors just stack on top of each other and spam until you die or get killed by the other things in the area (horde, specials, etc.)

Between the broken patrol spawns and teleporting patrols, it just makes things not fun, even if you do survive.