Remove Chaos Warrior Patrols from the game and Buff individual Chaos Warriors

Chaos Warriors don’t feel special when you see a tide of a dozen of them marching on Legendary. And a CW patrol is an almost guaranteed wipe when it spawns on top of you with no warning noise, especially because specials like to immediately incapacitate half your team when that happens. The agro radius on CW Patrols also feels a lot sketchier than SV Patrols.

Just get rid of Chaos Patrols, Fatshark, and don’t over think this. It wouldn’t be ok for you to put an invisible, mobile landmine in the game that crashes the game if you step on it. Buff individual Chaos Warriors (but please stop them from instantly standing back up after knock downs, it is ridiculous for these dudes to nip up like a Berserker.), get rid of patrols.


spawning on players is a bug, they are looking into that.

chaos patrols are awesome fun. but you kinda are describing bugs that shouldn’t be there. give them some time to fix them, the game just got out 3 weeks ago or something.

So if it is a bug then remove chaos patrols from the game until the bug is fixed. It happens frequently enough the it is a meme now.

I would like that actually. For how arrogant they are, they sure are not very menacing. I thought they are going to be some sort of miniboss from first v2 footage and i’m a bit dissapointed how ordinary they turned out.