Can we tweak Legend chaos patrols please

Now id like Chaos legend patrols to still be hard but can we at least all agree that unless your team seems to be perfectly geared for them (meaning you guys preplanned to take them on) youre basically gonna get smushed by all those MASSIVE boots , maybe tone down the big boys a lil and add some berserkerinos in there , or a hand full of shielded scrubbles with stronger shields ? At this point if we meet a SV patrol and are forced to fight them they’re a lil scary/toughish but we laugh at them cuz they’re nothing compared to their chaos counterparts which is a squadron of bulky gods with deep voices -_- .

Tone chaos patrols down but Keep them challenging in legend (THIS IS EXCLUSIVELY IN LEGEND DIFFICULTY)

No, please no changes for the legend difficulty. You are expected to think and plan ahead on this difficulty level. This includes selection of classes and gear before the game starts. The only changes FatShark should consider is issues with waves, bosses and specials literally spawning on the top of players’ position. We had a Chaos patrol and a Chaos spawn appear between three of my teammates in the court before the church of Sigmar.

Im not here to play a game of - we are definitely fighting a patrol so i better take THIS class and THIS weapon , difference between forced decisions and freedom of choice , may as well scrap all the “non armour piercing” weapons in the bin then

If you notice the Chaos Patrol Progression I believe its 2 Chosen for Vet, 4 Chosen for Champ, but then suddenly a jump to 10 Chosen for Legend. Now maybe its me, but it should be at most 8 (doubles every difficulty increase) if not closer to 6, so its 2, 4, 6 for instance, and that scale of +2 each difficulty would go well with future higher difficulties. I personally think having it increase by 2 makes the most sense and even at 6 they would still be well worth avoiding, but not auto gg without multiple bombs, ults, good spawns (aka no hordes, bosses, minimal specials while fighting the patrol, etc) or a really well seasoned group.

100% agree , thank you

Except they get stuck so damn often or run completely silent.

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