Difference between Skaven and Chaos patrols

… is just ridiculous.

Every time I have aggroed a skaven patrol on legend I have been fine.

On the flipside, I have only managed to beat the chaos patrol once.

Fatshark, you really need to take a look at this.

What 8 chaos warriors accompanied by shield dudes is great

I want troll patrols, there could be like 6 trolls with 2 spawns. This should be put ingame in secret and watch the outrage on forum. Than it could replace the whining about waystalker regen nerf/kruber balance boss oneshot/ammo nerfs in general etc…

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Maybe you should be avoiding those patrols then?

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I dont believe they are supposed to be on same level. Skaven patrol is just bunch of tougher clanrats while chaos patrol is almost equal to bunch of ratogres.

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