Great patch, Fatshark

Wonderful changes. Legend feels much more fair, but still challenging. I could stand to see some more ambient armored dudes now that they behave properly. Great job on fixing the patrols and changes to specials as well.

Only thing that still feels pretty unfair is hookrats hidden in hordes. There’s call outs, but the hook rats themselves don’t really stand out and seem to not be audible except for when they spawn and after they’ve grabbed you.

Looking forward to the DLC again.

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So the changes actually work?

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I haven’t seen bugged patrol and globadiers seem less unfair (anyway I have done only few matches).

BUT stormers are still “broken”… they can cast off map/ off view, also when you are in a tight place and between hordes.
And yes, also packmasters are annoyng.

We wants moar! :smiling_imp:

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I must say I’ve had a great time after the last patch so far.

Just completed a mission with a ridiculous clutch, where I managed to recover from a near wipe with Kruber like in the good old times of VT1.

Still a few important issues, like silent hordes, but at least they don’t suddenly materialise all around you together with a dozen assassins.

Similar positive experience here. Playing well seems more likely to lead to a victory in legend now. We didn’t get put into impossible situations as much. I have still experienced many silent specials and a silent horde right behind me.

We have some additional fixes for silent things coming in the big patch going into beta next week :slight_smile: