Some other Changes

So the game feels a lot better, IMO. I’m enjoying it greatly. I’ve heard of a few changes that didn’t get mentions in the patch-notes, but I found a few more.

On Righteous Stand there is a new glowing ring effect around the hammer on the Sigmar statue in the temple as it charges up.

They also fixed the spawn point for slave rats in the middle of the floor near the front door; formerly the Skaven would just die as they came out, but now they actually live, making that area far more hectic for holding.

The soundless patrol bug has been noted by many, but I’ve noticed that often Stormvermin just don’t make any sound at all; I’ve encountered multiple instances of them not talking, grunting, making death sounds, or even their weapons making a noise as they swing. It’s very odd.

The silent patrols are a massive bane; everyone knows this, but we really have to know about those on Legend. It will destroy almost every run that has a patrol (which is pretty common), if we can’t anticipate them coming. At least now, though, you can gun down shieldvermin.

Love the new Rat Ogre music, btw. Really quite epic.

This is just anecdotal; but did they nerf the white health gain from kills? Even hacking down whole hordes I found I was not getting nearly as much white health as usual. But maybe it was just in my head.

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