1.06 - Excellent Patch - Thanks Fatshark!

Loads of fantastic changes, check out the patch notes if you haven’t yet, so many improvements! My personal favorite:

“Modified skaven horde difficulty scaling to match the challenge of chaos segments. Skaven hordes will now spawn with a bit higher frequency and with higher numbers, on higher difficulties.”


Also glad to see weapon balances rolling out, great changes across the board there, particularly the beam staff and repeater pistol! Overall an awesome patch, keep up the good work!


Indeed, a good patch.
Though I’ve been wondering:
What is “turnaround time”?

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But we still have unbalanced careers… like Pyro/BH >>>>>>>> WS/ huntsman.

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Lets see how these weapon changes play out though. They nerfed beam staff + repeating pistol. That might change things

I was pleasantly surprised with this part:


Best thing about this are the boss changes in my opinion.


Boss changes are great. Really enjoyed those missions and having to skip got a bit irritating! Awesome patch.


And with higher numbers Skaven in hordes there now seems to be even more rats clipping into each other then over before and standing on top of each other. Making it even more dangerous to fight a horde in melee. Just did 2 rounds in the new patch so no extensive testing yet but blocking/ fighting a skaven horde in especialy tight areas like tunnels etc seems extremely risky as a melee class. So more hiding behind Sienna or someone with a repeater crossbow or flamethrower I guess.
But I have to play more rounds to be sure, maybe we just got unlucky.
The weapon change to the 2h axe for the dwarf didn’t impress me either to be honest. It’s attack pattern just feels too wonky for me. A bit of extra dmg doesn’t change much for me. Gonna test the other changes later.

Game launcher still says :confused: Why is that ?

Only thing Im sad about is that Elf long bow nerf, should just nerf the WS ammo passive, now the things gimped for HM, might as well go with one of the other two now and just maximize that horde clear.


WS -is- on par with Pyro/BH, it just has the highest and hardest to reach skill ceiling of the three because you have to be able to consistently land headshots.

I don’t agree… WS can shot, but she needs headshot… Pyro and BH can shot, and they don’t need headshot… Anyway this is OT, sorry guys I will not write anymore.

In VT1 we had to be very wary of “hyperdensity” with the rats. If you had a massive firepower advantage (e.g. all 4 heroes swinging away) you were pretty much able to deal with any number of rats/square foot, but if you didn’t you would deliberately avoid engaging them as they were being squeezed through chokepoints or climbing up/down a vertical terrain change. So it’s not exactly that it’s dangerous to melee hordes, always, but it is certainly the case that it’s dangerous to melee hordes in some locations under some conditions.


Love it so far, lost a grim on Skittergate, got 4 loot die, got an emp w/ 3 tome, 1 grim, 4LD, happy w/ it :smiley:

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How was the boss with the specials removed? In my minds eye, it makes the fight sound easy peasy.

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I absolutely love it! IMO, great patch changes! Its a bit easier, but honestly i think it needed it, lost way too many to gasrats. I will say tho… although i didnt actually see any when we ran… My char vocally said “I hear a gasrat” when fight was like 1/2 way thru… XD

I do miss the longbow ammo tho :frowning: but overall, great patch!

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True but I wasn’t a big fan of this hyperdensity in V1 either. I mean you can adjust to it ofcourse but I can’t help but think it’s a little odd to have so many rats standing on top of each other. It just feels a little too cheesy for me as a game mechanic, I’d like to see the telegraphs of the attack animations and react to it accordingly, I can’t realy do that with this density.
Becoming good at melee is the biggest fun for me in this game, this seems to spoil that somewhat. So yeh just 2h hammer heavy attacks spam prolly solves this, but it gets boring fast imo.

Well, my reading is more that getting good at melee requires also getting good at meta-melee, if that makes sense. You need to know when to stand your ground and when to give way, and when to scream at your team to bail hard on a sketchy location. If you watch Jsat’s team vids, he’s very picky about choosing good spots for melee and avoiding bad ones. He’ll often call out for the whole team to fall back a good 30 seconds worth of progress in order to avoid defending against a horde in a sketchy spot. That usually comes down to two things: 1) avoiding having enemies flank you constantly (e.g. drop down on your head) and 2) avoiding terrain/topography that will produce hyperdensity.


Longbow change is an unnecessary nerf to handmaiden and shade.

It will however barely affect waystalker.


Positioning -is- the entire game on Legend. Knowing where to go for hordes is critical. The best team comp of the best players caught out of position during a horde can wipe if any special/boss pressure is applied and at the very least they will take a lot of unnecessary damage.