[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.0.6


Welcome to patch 1.0.6. In this update we’ve taken on board a lot of your feedback and have made adjustments accordingly with regards to boss-kill rewards and boss encounters, Rattling Gunners and walls (work continues, however!) and of course Victor’s ravaged body (as well as heaps of other stuff).

You can find the full list of changes below:

Fixes / Tweaks

Loot Dice

When killing a Lord you will now be rewarded with extra loot dice. The dice will spawn in the center of the lord’s arena.

  • Killing Skarrik, Bödvar, or Halescourge rewards 2 extra dice.
  • Killing Rasknitt rewards 3 extra dice.

These dice are in addition to other loot dice you already have collected in the level. So it is now possible to collect up to 5 loot dice on The Skittergate.

Skarrik Spinemanglr

  • Skarrik is now immune to stagger when he runs to spawn allies.
  • Skarrik should now switch weapon setup correctly in his intro animation.
  • Reduced the range of Skarrik’s area spin attack to more accurately match the animation.
  • Removed blocked damage on Skarrik’s dual wield sweep attack, and reduced stamina penalty when blocking some of his attacks.
  • Added the correct explosion stagger animations for Skarrik while wielding the halberd.
  • Slightly lower attack speed on first combo attack to allow players more reaction time. when blocking or dodging it.
  • Removed double hits on basic dual wield attacks.
  • Replaced Shield Stormvermin with regular Stormvermin during defensive phase.
  • Removed Plague Monks from the spawn pool.

Bödvarr Ribspreader

  • Reduced the duration of Bödvarr’s defensive stance to 20 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
  • Lowered Bödvarr’s stagger animation duration by ~20%.
  • Added stagger immunity when he runs to the middle of the arena to start his defensive phase.

Burblespew Halescourge

  • Reduced the debuff duration on players for the Hailstorm Barbecue’s Plague Wave attack to 2 seconds, down from from 3.5 seconds.
  • Vorpalblade Noobhurl will no longer spawn a wave of enemies at the start. Only when he enters, and leaves, his defensive phase (when he teleports to the platforms).
  • Elites, accompanied with marauders and fanatics, will spawn when he enters his defensive phase. Fanatics will spawn when he leaves his defensive phase. Previously, Elites would spawn in both waves.


  • Fixed an issue where Deathrattler sometimes got stuck when trying to pick up Rasknitt.
  • Fixed an issue where Rasknitt sometimes teleported to the wrong location.
  • Removed spawning of Special enemies during the fight.


  • Maulers have had their running swipe attack and running cleave attack hitbox range reduced by around 15%.
  • Fixed an issue where Maulers were not making sounds during certain attacks.
  • Chaos Warriors have had their cleave hitbox range reduced by around 15%.
  • Chaos Warriors should no longer suddenly stand up while lying down from an explosion stagger animation(i.e. Kruber charge ability is a bit more viable vs Chaos Warriors now).
  • Fixed an issue when the Bile Troll would sometimes not rotate towards its target when vomiting.
  • Fixed an issue where backstab sounds were not always triggering at the beginning of enemy attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could attack an invisible player after being damaged by that player.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could attack an invisible player that was running through a horde.
  • Fixed an issue where the teleport sound of the Lifeleech would sometimes not play for clients.
  • Fixed an issue where Skavenslaves did not trigger attack sounds on certain attacks.

AI Director

  • The AI director will no longer immediately spawn specials after a Lord is killed.
  • The AI director will now wait longer between spawns of coordinated special enemy attacks. (when we spawn all the specials in the spawn queue all at once for increased challenge fun). This means fewer situations where you get train wrecked by multiple waves of coordinated enemies on Champion and Legend.
  • Reduced the number of Chaos Warriors in patrols on Legend - replaced some with Maulers. Set to 6 Chaos Warriors, down from 10.
  • Modified skaven horde difficulty scaling to match the challenge of chaos segments. Skaven hordes will now spawn with a bit higher frequency and with higher numbers, on higher difficulties.


  • Fixed an issue where deeds which contains “Send in the next wave!”, “Seek and Destroy”, and “The Vanguard” would persist to the next mission.
  • Tuned “Send in the next wave!” to spawn hordes with a more consistent frequency.

Voice Lines

  • Fixed an issue when a client would play the wrong voice line for their Career Skill. A leaping Slayer isn’t some old ranger trick.
  • Fixed the early healing banter to be played when healing at 80% health, up from 50%.
  • Re-added Saltzpyre’s classic catch phrase.
  • Fixed several issues of wrong voice lines during dialogue between characters, such as for friendly fire, related to bombs, and when Saltzpyre gets knocked down.

User Interface

  • Fixed a case where the EAC error panel would not be shown if untrusted, resulting in not showing players why and what they need to do to resolve it.


  • We’ve made changes to collision handling on some of the level assets on The Skittergate and Into the Nest. This means that Ratling gunners won’t be able to target players through walls in as many places on those levels anymore. And conversely, players won’t be able to shoot through them either. While these two levels were the worst offenders, we will be rolling out further collision improvements to these levels and the rest of the levels in the future.

Weapon Changes

Beam Staff:

  • Blast: Reduced armor penetration on blast attack.
  • Beam: Ignore first contact tick on beam for on-hit procs and from build up of damage-scale for shot attacks.
  • Shot: Re-scaled shot attack damage based on number of consecutive beam ticks. Now scales between 0.3 and 1.0 on 2 - 4 ticks. Was 0.5 - 1.0 between 1-3 ticks. You’ll need to beam a bit longer and the effectiveness of an instant snipe attack should be reduced.
  • Reduced cleave for shot and beam attack.
  • Beam staff generates slightly more heat across the board.

Conflagration Staff:

  • Increased damage, specifically against armored enemies, on charged attacks.

Flamestorm Staff:

  • Increased stagger, specifically against armored enemies on light attacks.

Two-handed Swords:

  • Increased movement speed during light attacks.
  • Increased damage and stagger for first target on heavy attacks while slightly increasing range.

War Pick:

  • Increased movement speed during light attacks. Reduced turnaround time for light attacks.

Flame Sword:

  • Fixed an issue where the first light attack used default armor pen against everything, effectively removing armor pen. Added small burn damage over time effect to light combo stab attack.

Dual Swords, and Sword & Dagger:

  • Added armor penetration to heavy attacks.


  • Reduced max ammo to 20, down from 27.

Brace of Pistols:

  • Increased max ammo to 25, up from 20.

Repeating Handgun:

  • Decreased attack turnaround (0.5 to 0.4 second chain window) on normal shots. Increased damage against armored enemies and increased stagger across the board.

Great Axe:

  • Increased first target damage on heavy attacks, increased boss damage even more on first target.

Repeating Pistols

  • Added a separate damage profile for shotgun blast with lower damage to Chaos Warriors on crits, lower damage on headshots, but with more cleave.
  • Added chain window to weapon switch for shotgun blast as it was missing (0.3s by default) and increased wield chain window from 0.1 to 0.2 on normal shot.
  • Reduced max ammo to 40, down from 50.