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I only had time to play 2 runs in the beta branch but both were the most fun games i’ve had after the bogenhafen patch. So i’d like to tell why i enjoyed the new patch.

I had a long ongoing bug that some users confirmed but didn’t know why and most people didn’t have. Anything behind me was so muffled it was impossible to hear. I’d stand next to another character, face them and the dialog would be good, face other way without moving and i could not understand what they said.

In this patch, sound feels the exact same as before bogen patch; so no more muffled dialogs. Couple it with the absence of ghost swings and the bonus that is callouts for berserkers, it was a very pleasing experience. Chat wheel was a cherry on top but i still couldn’t get used to it and was typing ‘pat’ or ‘ty’ as usual. Given time i’m sure i’ll appreciate it as well.

So thank you for that Fatshark. Only thing that i am not using since there is no point as the way it is implemented is red crafting, which i hope you will tweak according to the outcry of the players.

Keep it up!

Agree, very good patch but the 5 reds for a non illusion red craft is a non starter for me too. I’m not wasting 5 reds on a temporary end-game weapon.

How is it temporary? Most legend players with 30+ hours doing legend should have a lot of duplicate necklaces, trinkets and charms. Do you actually need these? No, melt them down and get the reds you’re missing. When you get that red later through a chest, slap the illusion on the red you already crafted. GG

That’s my opinion on it. Ah well, to each their own. I can see why some people are upset about it though. And yea, I agree, they should add in some sort of quest system or something to work towards red illusions or items as others have suggested.


Without the illusion IMO it’s not worth melting 5 reds down for. To each their own.

With the new Illusion system tho I’m pretty sure you will be able to apply the red Illusion you got to your actual red… Should ask @Fatshark_Hedge a confirmation first, if they ran internal test

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If I had a red illusion I’d have the weapon so why would I need to apply it to anything. The red without the illusion simply becomes surplus to requirements.

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You can apply any illusions to the crafted reds, including red illusions but yeah, if you have a red illusion you already have the red, so.

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