Patch 1.1

To be honest here Fatshark - I dont know why the game didnt start with Patch 1.1, because THATs clearly what was meant to be and I just dont get it, but it got me to play again.

Quests, Questrewards, Challenges, FASTER crafting, Dust converting, IMPRESSIVE performance improvements to prior installments of the game, more cosmetics, REMOVING THE COST FROM ILLUSION EXTRACTING, Events …
Im pretty sure some people will complain about the ease of getting reds/cosmetics now, but hey, you cant please everyone.

I just dont understand.
Now, give me the ability to reforge/scrap items I wear (distinguishable by borders around the items) aswell as preview of illusions you can apply and Im happy - I dont even care that some things are still bugged, because now you have atleast something to work towards to.
And while Im happy that we get that much improvements I STILL DONT GET WHY WE HAD TO SLOG through so much unfinished stuff for so long.

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What?! Who?!

I too think this patch should have been there from the start. What bothers me is the lack of communication on Fatsharks end.
I like this patch, but I would like to know what FS has planned for the next updates. More performance optimizations? Bug fixes? Character balancing? Weapon balancing?

Every update seems to be a bit of each. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but every patch comes with more bugs or crashes. Many balance changes end up not working out the way they should. Ranger veteran is back to being below its competition for example.

I’m guessing bugfixes and balancing while they rework the roadmap to aid in communicating to the players

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