Regarding patch notes and changelists


I was looking around but i could not find any detailed changelogs or a set up patchnotes from the time the open beta ended and went live, i know things are different but i´d really appreciate a detailed list.

Having played a game on veteran i can tell there is a lot different from just two days ago but it´s hard to make accurate statements about a characters strength when i can’t tell whats different and by how much :frowning:

@Fatshark_Hedge you don’t happen to have hidden something like what i described hidden away somewhere do you?

You’re a little late to the party, as a lot of people have been asking this. Fatshark has come out and and said they won’t have patch notes for v1 release.

They’ll be providing patch notes as we move forward though with additional releases.


Oh alright, thanks for the heads up.

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