Patchnotes (in general) Feedback

Please give us detailed information about balance changes. When playing a game, I test many weapons, setups et cetera and make a conclusion. I don’t want to test every weapon and every aspect of the game after each patch just to see if I come to another conclusion and should adapt.
When you would say something like increased the range of the daggers, increased the critmultiplier of the sword, etc. then I know where to look and what to test. Maybe I find a weapon I assess as viable now.

Shouldn’t be too hard to have the devs involved in balancing write a small note on a change and merge it into the patchnotes.

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Please stop making the same post again and again and again. Please use search button.
Fatshark know this that we want full path notes. But there need to be reason why they post it in form as they do.

They work hard atm you can be sure about that. Look at those topic with game crash. Devs reply to those ppl want to help them tu play this beautiful game.

I do not say that they should post path notes like this “balance changes” - No! I also want full path notes.
But making same post all over again will not help.

They read all of this and as I Feel you bro, for me helping those who need help aka crashes all over the place is more important that anything else. Yes, you buy this game as any other player and you are important as any of us. But they need to prioritize, and for the love of Sigmar just give them time.

/sorry for my English.

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My bad. I only found a topic about the specific recent patch. Not the notes in general. Though, i should have read the specific post, which demands the same as my post.

And I think it’s not wrong to emphasize the demand a bit. Especially as it’s an easy change. I’m worried they don’t know how utterly annoying their low-info-policy is for many of us. But I’m maybe just justifing my mistake here :rofl:

Don’t worry, I am. I’m usually a very merciful customer :smiley: It’s not like im raging here.

Sure they do need to prioritize and I have no problem with waiting for balancing as they need and should fix critical bugs and crashes first. But as I don’t know their workflow, I assume they have people working on balancing beside people working on technical parts. The recent (few) balance changes support this assumption a bit. To summarize: It’s a problem which needs a neglilible effort to solve, but rewards (compared to the effort) the playerbase by a lot. Imho.

There’s no need to apologize. I guess… maybe Dunning-Kruger strikes at me here ;o) My english isn’t very good too, but I had no problems understanding your text. I wouldn’t even have questioned your english skills if you wouldn’t have pointed it out.

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