"Various balancing adjustments."

I understand this is very early in the games lifetime, and you have a lot on your hands. To be honest I kind of wish I had the opportunity to properly help you out in a professional manner, but that’s another topic.

The issue at hand is that while you do a lot of balancing work at the moment, tuning weapons and abilities/talents, it feels very underwhelming from a player perspective to await balance changes and see “various adjustments”. As far as I’m aware this is the second time (the first being with release) that this is said, the first time being accompanied with “try things out!”.

I admit that a full list of exact changes would be rather exhausting for someone to put together, and you’re opting for a more casual approach. Detailing every last thing into an exact number would take ages to do unless this has already been done step by step, and then whoopsie daisy you accidentally included something hat didn’t make it into the patch build and suddenly there’s an uproar over an unintended change.

Or more likely, that people will look at the balance changes and preemptively decide that they’re bad and be biased because… really any possible reason.

The problem is that unless the players know exactly what has been tuned somehow, we don’t know how to keep an eye out for it. My first reaction to seeing “balancing adjustments” was to just try a number of different weapons on different characters, assuming I can remember the damage numbers on the dummy from before.

I’m not asking for a fully detailed list of what weapons/monsters/etc have been changed in exact amounts, but if we could please have a list of what to keep an eye out for, it would be so much easier than having to personally keep track of any changes to weapons we might not even normally use.

For example:

‘The crossbow for Bardin has been adjusted’

Great! Now I know I need to at least TRY IT OUT and see if it feels better or anything, right?


‘Burblespue isn’t feeling as well as he usually does due to constant vomiting and/or barfing from various orifices.’

Essentially saying Burblespue has been nerfed and now we know that’s happened somehow so we can try and stay aware of how he feels compared to before, rather than having to guess that ‘didn’t he use to be a little more annoying?’.

All I’m saying is that without knowing what to keep a lookout for regarding balancing changes, it’s very difficult to give any feedback on it, and it gives us more to look forward to and geek out about when it comes to actually testing things.

Now for the obligatory apology for feeling like I’ve been too aggressive about this. Sorry. I just like the game and want to help in what way I can.

Also thanks for reading.




Honesty is the best policy. No matter if players will like the changes or not. We can handle it.


Communication is so good for the long term health of a game. Even small things like these.

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Wow, apparently Vermintide is a lot like a marriage, I feel like i got more than I paid for!

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this thread over on the reddit covered the same topic and top response goes a way to explain it.

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