Does the upcoming patch contain balance changes?

Is there any information regarding general balance changes in the upcoming Sienna patch etc? Or is it just dead silence as usual?

I can’t seem to grasp the point in spending 2 years to make like 1 weapon, when you can spend 5 minutes to edit a few variables of undesirable weapons/talents, essentially making a “new weapons”.

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Regarding OP, our last “big balance beta” was around three years ago. Which is a long time, to be fair, I know. We’ve had minor balance passes here and there on a per weapon/career/ability/ad hoc basis. There will not be a balance patch arriving with Necromancer. We would like to do one for Q4 for this year (still nailing down feasibility; will make an attempt to keep everyone updated if this changes), and we’re making a hit list of what we’d like to address, but I’m not sure of the extent of this pass just quite yet.

We’ve just gone through years worth of feedback, though, and have a punch list if it’s to pass.


Would it be possible to shine some light on the hit list before the Q4 balance patch arrives?

Even if it’s not set in stone, it would be nice to hear what’s on the developers’ radar & help provide more nitty-gritty feedback for those concerns.

The current balance has become the norm; players either don’t want their favorite toys getting nerfed or their favorite builds drastically changing, even if they’re considered “weak”/“unpopular”.

I appreciate the excitement and totally get it, but right now, I want to just set expectations and not set them too high. As you mentioned, players can feel different ways about different things, so I don’t want to start potential fires where they can be avoided. But speaking of fires, we are looking at Pyro, as well as other career spots. They likely won’t all get addressed, but we’re trying to hit the larger ones.


I just hope FS learnt the lesson from last BBB and not do another buffserker festival. Just nerf the top 10 % and be done with it. The redundancy levels at cataclysm are to high already and any more buffs will shred any resemblance of fun you could have.

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While the top contenders should be nerfed, there are a few outlier dogshit weapons/talents that needs help.

Off the top of my head…

-repeater pistol
-Saltspyre and Kruber’s Greatswords
-repeating crossbow

And of course Throwing Axe should get the javelin treatment baby-constipated

As for talents…a ton.

-Pyromancer’s Volan Doctrine should be a base talent since it’s practically required. And Pyromancer in general just needs an identity, not just combining the two far better careers

-Barge and Dawi Drop should be something useful rather than a meme. Slayers in general need some help in Chaos Wastes.

-Bounty Hunter’s Loaded Shot or whatever the level 30 shotgun talent is called needs a reason to exist. The logic seems to be that one talent focuses on the single target, one talent focuses on the shotgun blast, and one talent supports both shots…but the shotgun blast is useless compared to the infinite double-shot

-Waystalker’s Ricochet should…do something

And uh…I’m sure there’s more. Outcast Engineer feels kinda meh, but I can’t pinpoint what. But overall the big thing is I feel there should never be any never-pick or must-pick talents


Please adjust the explosion radius on the book to fall off more gradually. I really want to extoll Sigmar’s virtue for more than just killing climbing slave rats on Legend.

i hope they dont buff pyro, she is already damn strong with certain builds.

You described literally all careers here. Every career and weapons can pull off a true solo Cataclysm run.

But that doesn’t mean some aren’t straight up worse or redundant to others.

Pyromancer’s is that of an identity issue and straight up worse than the alternative, or hell careers as a whole.

Look at Slayers, you can probably solo all levels on cataclysm with even a throwing axe build. Doesn’t mean they don’t have some problems and talents that don’t need fixing.

tweaking is ok, but if they buff her that would be another thing which i dont want.

Yea, but that is the issue. Not her being weak. Pyromancer actually needs a new core concept.

Personally, I am not a fan of the high crit reliance the game has on several occasions because it is quickly overpowered and hard to balance. Also, Volan’s Doctrine is a talent that should have never existed in the first place and should be completely removed from the game again as it bad design on all fronts.

So, in my opinion FS should take the time after the Necromaner release and rework the very core concept from Pyromancer and removing it from the Critical hits to make an actual fun and not overpowered career.

Also Greatswords don’t need any changes. They are extremely fun and effective at Cataclysm.

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From that perspective it may be true because the hunter build with sword + bolt staff and the heatsink builds with fireball staff, coruscation staff and beamstaff + flaming flail work very well and if there would be a straight buff it risks to get overpowered because those builds deal already insane amount of damage. But if there will be a rework which relies less on crit i would be down for it.