Is Major Weapon Balancing still a priority Fatshark?

So many weapons are simply undesirable currently that it hampers variety in gameplay. We have been waiting months for them to be addressed.

I wonder whether Fatshark is satisfied with current the balancing.

To just give a few examples of whats still perceived as lacking :
All shield weapon sets. They are just awful in so many respects.

Most Two Hand swords.

Many one hand swords.

Bardin’s two hand axe ( this one some people might disagree though it still seems like a worse 2 hand hammer and relies on heavies to clear hordes)

And Many more class specific sets which Im sure other players can allude to more closely.

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Yes balancing is still a thing, but since the community wants everything at the same time, you certainly have to wait a bit.

Priority one is stability and improving that. We aren’t done with balance, not at all, but it’s not our primary focus at the moment.


Happy to see this goes before balance, personally.

I was wondering however, would it be a reasonable request to ask for some views on class, weapon and enemy balance, diversity and talents for the next balance patch? (performance, choice, maybe some statistics, ghost strikes, 180’ing bosses, chaos spawns, chaos warriors etc. Not every topic has to be handled but a few would be cool.)

I know with the work your team is doing on on bugs/stability it’ll be a while but I’m certain players would greatly appreciate some insights into this as people seem rather divided on what the norm should be, if there should be a norm and what (class,weapon,enemy) behaviour is intended or not.

If not, that’s fine I can understand its a lot of work, but instead some additional context to potential upcoming balance changes to give extra insight would help too! I know it’s been tried some in the past but the more perspective the better.

It’ll help feed constructive discussion as well, since we’ll know where Fatshark stands on design philosophy.

Thanks for reading.

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They buffed it in so many ways already that i am questioning whether it needs any more, the only problem being they buffed it in such silly ways that the actual concerns i had with it are still present (like it’s low cleave, a slight buff, just to allow it to penetrate 2 marauders, would have been all i would ask for, but then they buff stuff like the charged attacks armor pen and you just ask yourself why on earth when that’s the entire role of the light attacks).

It absolutely is not a worse 2h hammer, featuring way better horde clear (dealing a lot more damage to more enemies) and arguably better single target performance, with it only lacking in the 2h hammers crowd control. I personally would have said the 2h hammer is one of the weapons underperforming, slow single target strikes that while decent vs armor, isn’t anything special or even that good, while it’s charged attack deals low damage to very few enemies, only ccing a horde, trying to just beat it in a battle of attrition.
Really, i would like to see both the 2h hammers and 2h axes single target buffed if anything.

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