Dev Blog: Rebalance Pass 2023

Hello again, my name is Karl and I’m back to provide some commentary about our upcoming balance changes that were hinted at in the last dev blog.

These changes intend to target clear outliers in both strength and weakness and attempt to bring them in line with the rest of the game while keeping their intended design.

First up was Pyromancer, as she was constantly brought up during discussions during the development of the Necromancer. Community perception was that she was lacking in identity which we agreed with. The fire wizard careers were always close to each other in how they played, even in the initial development of Vermintide 2. Part of the issue is that we allow each career to wield every staff available to Sienna. The spells that the staff brings dictates what ranged role Sienna will play and we then empower the roles through the use of talents. Currently, it’s not enough to get the feeling of uniqueness.

The new changes to Pyromancer aim to set the careers further apart through how they interact with her overcharge and melee mechanics.

  • Battle Wizard aims at bringing a balanced playstyle. Moving between casting spells and melee while venting overcharge through the passive.
  • Pyromancer leans more into the ranged side of Sienna, unleashing a lot more spells through improved overcharge capacity and spells scaling with that overcharge, but having a harder time getting rid of accumulated overcharge mid-fight.
  • Unchained leans into the melee side of Sienna, choosing between risk and reward with high overcharge gains with the tools to completely dump overcharge when needed.

We made these changes to Pyromancer help achieve this goal:

  • Moved ‘Volans Doctrine’ to Passive
  • Reduced ‘The Burning Head’ cooldown
  • New Perk ‘One with Aqshy’ - 50% increased max Overcharge. Added support for increasing Overcharge bar size to fit increased max overcharge :^)
  • Replaced ‘Volans Doctrine’ with ‘Flamestrike’s Tutelage’ - Sienna gains 80% reduction on Venting damage. Each nearby enemy decreases the damage reduction by 20%.
  • ‘Exhaust’ replaced with ‘Dissipating Rictus’ - The Burning Head grants 50% charge speed and Overcharge explosion immunity for 12 seconds.
  • Increased the duration of ‘Deathly DIssipation’
  • Increased the power bonus from ‘On the Precipice’
  • Increased the max power bonus from ‘Ride the Fire Wind’

Next up was Engineer. Perceived not only as weak, but also clunky to use. The clunkiness of the crank gun was clear and we have some changes lined up to alleviate that. The perceived weakness was a bit more tricky. We didn’t see this as an issue of damage output—frankly if the Engineer is allowed to concentrate fire he can put out some ridiculous numbers. But that’s not when the true mettle of a career is tested.

Vermintide 2 is quite easy when you are on cruise control running through levels and killing anything before it is a threat. The true test is when the unexpected happens. When a mauler teleports behind you mid overhead while the elf pulls the chaos patrol just as two assassins spawn. This is what creates those intense stories of heroic clutches that you want to tell your friends, but also where we felt the Engineer fell flat. With no panic button, clunky weaponry, and low health; the chances of his survival were quite slim.

It is a part of the Engineer’s design to be a ranged powerhouse that has to be protected. We want to keep the same spirit of the Engineer, but right now the ranged power to clutch potential ratio is a bit weak.

The following changes aim to bump the Engineers ranged prowess as well as offering the players some form of a panic button through the use of bombs:

  • Increased Engineer Health to 125
  • Increased ‘Gromril-Plated Shot’ damage
  • Increased base fire rate of ‘linked compression chambers’
  • Reduced base Crank Gun starting fire rate
  • Reduced base Crank Gun fire rate gain per shot
  • ‘Build Pressure’ no longer loses stacks while firing.
  • Can ‘Build Pressure’ while on max ability bar
  • ‘Build Pressure’ stacks no longer lost on full bar.
  • ‘Leading Shots’ replaced with ‘Ingenious Ordnance’ - Bardin creates a bomb every 80 seconds and explosives no longer deal friendly fire damage.
  • ‘Head full of Steam’ now grants Attack Speed instead of Power.
  • ‘Superior Gaskets’ now causes pressure to be lost upon firing instead of over time and each stack of pressure grants 4% power.
  • ‘Experimental Steam Capacitors’ replaced with ‘‘Perilous Overclock’ - Building Pressure at Max stacks restores 25% charge and grants 15% crit but damages Bardin. Each Overclock increases damage suffered.
  • ‘Bombardier’ now also causes Bardin to start missions with 3 bombs.
  • ‘Piston Power’ now also restores all stamina when triggered.

Warrior Priest was the third career to receive some functionality changes to his talents. The main grievance we wanted to tackle was Righteous Fury and when players receive it. We wanted to try to move away from the ‘feels bad’ moment of having your hammers start to glow just as the final enemy of the wave is slain.

These new passive talents and changes aim to alleviate that while providing interesting ways of playing the warrior priest:

  • Base Shield of Faith now renders the hero immune to ranged knockback and allows them to trample through lesser enemies.
  • Replaced ‘Divine Excoriation’ with ‘Blazing Bright’ - Taking damage grants Victor Fury. Entering Righteous Fury grants Victor Shield of Faith.
  • ‘Empowered Smite’ replaced with ‘See My Wrath’ - Shield of Faith grants Victor 60% Fury. Smite now deals 40% of the attacks damage.
  • ‘From Fury, Fortitude’ now also grants Fury when Victor kills enemies.
  • ‘Prayer of Vengeance’ now grants the party power versus Monsters
  • ‘Unyielding Blessing’ now increases the duration of the Shield to 10 seconds and causes the shield to pulse when attacking.

Battle Wizard

Battle Wizard has been overperforming especially when combined with the very strong coruscation staff. We are bringing down the strength of the overperforming talents such as Famished Flames as well as adding a couple of seconds to the career skill cooldown to reign in the Battle Wizards running rampant:

  • Increased the cooldown of ‘Fire Walk’
  • Reduced the damage reduction per burning enemy from ‘Soot Shield’
  • Reduced the bonus damage to damage over time effects from ‘Famished Flames’ to 100%.
  • Reduced the reduction to normal damage from ‘Famished Flames’ to 15%.
  • Increased Cooldown Reduction from ‘Volans Quickening’ to 40%.
  • Increased the damage of ‘Lingering Flames’


The Necromancer hit the ground somewhat smoothly balance wise, but there are some talents we would like to bring up to par. We had hoped the potential of Army of the Dead would carry her over the line, but actively using her skeletons leaves her rarely getting full value out of the talent. We are tweaking the behavior of the talent to keep that same potential, just easier to use:

  • ‘Army of the Dead’ now reanimates 6 additional Skeletons that decay after 20 seconds. (these can still stack)
  • Reduced the amount of Overcharge vent needed to trigger ‘Lost Souls’ and increased their damage.

“Boss Killer” Careers

It has been brought up that our boss killer careers are a bit too good at their job to the point of trivializing monsters. This patch we are nudging down their strength through the following tweaks:

  • Grail Knight will see a reduction in their very easy to use power level talents as well as an increase to the cooldown of Blessed Blade
  • Not Shade specific but Dual Daggers, Shade’s main tool to annihilate bosses will see a reduction to the monster damage modifier
  • Bounty Hunter will after an age see Double Shotted getting bug fixed. No longer triggering twice and reducing cooldown by 40% twice. We are increasing the cooldown refund to 60% to compensate.

Javelin and Coruscation staff have been running rampant for a good while. We are bringing down the strength of these weapons to let the rest of the heroes join in on the fun:

  • Javelin will see a nerf to armor damage as well as a significant reduction in cleave in an attempt to reduce the extreme versatility of the weapon.
  • Coruscation will see a reduction in overall damage as well as a decrease in the duration of the damage over time effect of the flame patch coupled with an increase to the tick rate in an attempt to reward keeping enemies inside the actual flame patch.

Most of our one-handed weaponry is underrepresented and or is underperforming. The fantasy of our one handed weapons is that of increased finesse and mobility that comes from having to wield and swing less weight. As such buffs to one-handed weapons should target, headshot damage, dodging, crit chance and stamina to name a few. As a first stab at giving the one handed weapons buffs that are accurate with their fantasy we have reduced the cost of pushing to 1 stamina for most one-handed weapons. More one-handed weapon buffs to come.

Direction for these changes are inspired by various discussions on our community platforms and cross-referencing some of the more popular balance mods available. So if something is not sitting right and you feel like you got a solution make sure to let us know on Reddit, Steam, or the Fatshark Forums. This is us working together to shape the game into what we want it to be.


Honestly, this just sounds bad.

Why are we nerfing Bounty Hunter like this …


Awesome, looking forward to this! These changes appear refreshing and should remove some of the ‘must have’ meta picks (either career or weapon choices) in a team composition that ended up making runs or team compositions feeling too repetitive or stale.




Very neat. With all these changes I cant wait for all the balance mods to break. Could there maybe be an incentive to get the source code pushed out a bit earlier so Aussiemon (or other modders) can update the git and thus get mods fixed faster?

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I can’t say for sure until I play it myself but overall this looks good. Looking forward to it.

I welcome these changes overall, except some of it, especially the “Boss Killer” part.

  1. I don’t believe that Grail Knight should be nerfed. He is prohibited from using ranged options, isn’t his strength a compensation of that?
  2. Dual Daggers have already been a niche weapon, and you’re gonna nerf Dual Daggers, but not Shade herself, AGAIN?
  3. No mention of Ranger Veteran’s Smoke Bomb + Masterwork Pistol, and Trollhammer Torpedo? It’s not that I want them to be nerfed, but it feels weird to not see these, but GK and DD.

Also, buffs to one-handed weapons are very good, but what about two-handed weapons like Halberd, Greatsword and War-pick? They have been underwhelming for a long time.


BH players are in SHAMBLES! :scream: :scream: :scream:


This is going to be an unpopular decision. Headshotting bosses with a potion is one of the most fun and enjoyable things about the career. It is Bounty Hunter’s signature identity, to be the guy with the big gun that blows stuff up. While I understand the decision to tune back the effectiveness of boss killers, I think targeting Bounty Hunter is the wrong direction.

I believe a better change would be to simply tune down Double-Shotted’s monster armour damage modifier to allow players to achieve burst damage onto bosses, but not entirely delete them. 60% cooldown reduction is not going to be enough.

Other Boss Killers who can kill as quickly as Bounty Hunter, with the same tools(concoction + potion):

  1. Huntsman with Longbow.
  2. Trollhammer Torpedo. Can also delete entire patrols, hordes, while still being able to take conservative shooter as the ranged weapon trait to restore ammunition, and Grenadier as a trinket trait for more ammo sustain.
  3. Masterwork Pistol Ranger Veteran.

Shade isn’t listed because she’s getting adjusted per the Blog Post.

I understand and recognize my own bias here, but just feel that many players would be upset about this change. It’s the only area Bounty Hunter gets to shine.


Yes! Finally! I am looking forward to play Pyro and OE after the update. It sounds so good! Thank you!


Soooo MWP RV getting a free pass and not inluded in the “Boss Killer Career” nerfs?


hey, i want repeater pistol to be cata viable if you’re going to nerf double-shotted. please?


I just hope you didn’t overnerf stuff again and actually properly adjusted these values.

Also kinda sad to see no weak weapon buffs and instead only seeing nerfs to strong weapons.

Yea, I am sorry. I know that this was “demanded by the community”. But it is bs. Playing at high overcharge without risk should not be a thing for any Sienna career. At least compromise and give her reduced overcharge effects so that she will not abuse the buffer.

This is such a bad idea. Most of the “popular” balance mods are balanced around Cataclysm 2 and 3 or higher. One or two of them outright state this in their description. They can never serve as a good reference and will always result in power-gaming for the official realm which centers mostly around Legend.

In general the list is very weak on the nerf side which the game needs most right now and it also misses out on the chance to adjust some talents to make them fitting more with unique identity.

Maybe, I’ll find time to get onto some more specifics.

I feel like I don’t want to play the game anymore because my favorite character (bounty hunter) is getting nerf.


I didn’t even know it was a bug, honestly. But now I’m sad. :frowning:


70% maybe? :pleading_face:

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javelin is the most needed thing for ker and if you guys nerf it, how can I want to play this game anymore? And it is used to save when caught by patrol
I really love ker and her’s javelin :((((

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How will this interact with her Critical Mass passive (crit chance based on heat). Will the numerical thresholds be the same and we simply have a bigger leeway at the high end of the bar for what counts as max stacks? Or will the thresholds be changed to be ar the same positions proportionally along the heat bar?

If you nerf “boss killer” careers (and deminish the fun for many veteran players) why are you not touching the 100% refund on headshot for piercing shot?

Piercing Shot has zero stagger, that’s why.