How Inclusive are the Patch Notes?

The patch notes seem a lil colloquial in general compared to what I’m used to seeing in gaming and so I’m wondering, how inclusive are they? They seem to kinda broad-stroke things. Are there any things being changed that aren’t mentioned? It will be easier to provide accurate/valuable feedback if we have the whole big picture when it comes to changes, even if those changes seem minor.

I notice this in a lot of games, most developers only mention briefly addition like new skins
(i.e. 6 new skins for X are being added), new voice lines added, Bug fix for Bug X etc…

I am only used to, that balance changes for Weapons or Characters are pretty detailed written so everybody can understand them ^^

Ah ok, that’s fair then. I feel like I’m more used to page after page of extremely detailed notes following the stuff I actually care about, but it’s pretty rare a game is this buggy where actually wanna pore over it so I could very well be mistaken.

I guess a more focused question would be: Are the devs changing things we should know about w/o telling us, in regards to the behaviours and math we can’t immediately observe but that have the potential to impact the game in significant ways?

Yea, i get you, tbh its mostly in games that have some sort of competetive/PvP scene so its more important for them to know which skills has been changed and not what skins are added or Bugfixes in PvE.

Maybe because Vermintide has no PvP part, they go more in detail with Bugfixes and skins, and briefly mention what skills has been changed around or for NOW they will write the bugfixes pretty detailed so the community understand / sees that something changed ^^

the last patchnotes from vermintide are pretty short, thats but, maybe with that big patch thats announced we get 10 pages of patchnotes and atm like 0.6.2 thats only the minor changes they could do hand on hand in 10-15 minutes ^^

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Putting together detailed patch notes about what was changed and why is actually a pretty time-consuming endeavor too. Especially for performance/optimization/stability type of changes.

PoE is the king of patch notes! They tell you EVERYTHING. "Barrage has had its projectile count reduced to 5, down from 6, because it was giving 20% more damage than intended. "

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