Some well deserved praise for FS

I complain about a lot of things in this game mostly because I care quite a bit, but I can give nothing but praise about Fatshark choosing to address the loot / cosmetic / deed system with their new free content patch before they continue work on paid DLC content. This was likely a hard choice for them to make but given the public outcry of disappointment at the current end game, I think FS made the right call and im very enthusiastic to see how it plays out.

I think the waiting game is starting to end and the right direction is being taken, its clear FS listens to its fans and with improvements like this and a willingness to delay paid content to fix current issues, im excited to see the growth of V2 as a game and FS as a company.

What are you current thoughts on the proposed DLCs / Direction the game is going post 1.05?


This was not an “after thought” patch or a saving grace patch , V1 had the EXACT same structure , game release - bit of patching and bug fixing - cosmetic patch . nothing new and certainly not an address of peoples outcries

Though i am happy with whats happening , its nothing new or unexpected . im just happy to be playing a game where i know the devs will continue working until its bitter end , and for that i have not once been unhappy with FS thus far

I think its implimentation would of been later since the season pass was going to come before this initially but they were willing to swap the order because they realized how needed this patch is.

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