Excellent Job Fatshark!

If anyone here has any doubts, let me confirm that these developers listen to their community.

I specifically set out to help the level design bugs and most(not all) have been fixed.

I talked about how at the War Camp there is no crowd in the Colosseum and how empty it is they added it.

What will they add next? I’m very excited to find out!!!


Credit where it’s due, they have made some level design changes based on stuff I’ve seen reported and input myself. Often times small, seemingly negligible things but those things can be very noticeable.

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The beauty is hidden in the little details milord. :shark:

Aaaah, I knew that I wasn’t crazy and this arena was at some point empty xD

They added spawns when shooting the first batch of nurgle bladders, didn’t they? I don’t remember enemies spawning so regularly before.

In beta it would spawn a small horde which was removed or bugged for a time then put back with some changes

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