Great update, great studio, great game!

Hi Fatshark,

with this update you’ve done the game really well so far. It’s fun looking for loot while fighting the enemies over and over again. I’ve also noticed that many players like me are looking for loot and this makes playing the missions as a team much more enjoyable than before. Sure, there are still rushers every now and then, but I have the impression that there have been a lot fewer. Not everyone has noticed that there are now materials i guess. The crafting is something I think was really missing. While I’m not a cosmetics freak, it’s still nice to have the option and I know a lot of people love it. Since the two updates I haven’t had any more disconnections. But to be honest the game has been going really well for me since day one anyway, I’ve only had 3 crashes in 80 hours and maybe 10 disconnects.

I know your work is far from finished, but I’m sure this update has shown many players the true potential of this game. I know, of course, that this is just the beginning and that everything will be fine-tuned over the years. But when I walk through the maps during a mission, I can see and feel it all the time. This is going to be one of the best coop games of all times (it already is for me). I also think you made the best Warhammer Fantasy Action Game with Vermintide2 and the best Warhammer 40K Action Game with Darktide. Do you actually realize that, I bet you do. You should be proud of yourselves and I bet you are.

I also know that some players don’t like some of the changes and I don’t know what to think about the new dodge either, but I know that one day everything will be fine :wink:

I wish you only the best, you guys and your game rock. Keep up the good work !!!

The Emperor protects