Love/Hate relationship

First off, I want to make it very clear that I in no way am bashing Fatshark. If you don’t like my opinion cool. But don’t be a d@#$
First, I must say without a doubt this has to be the most impressive Warhammer 40k out there. The guns, axes, hammers, and swords, it is so cool to see them go from a book or lesser game to this version.
The environment is beyond what anyone would have expected. I don’t know how many people have gone through all the maps and just looked around, but it is amazing. You guys did such an awesome job creating Darktide!
But there are some problems, and I’m not the only one addressing them!

  1. You are strong enough to fight demons and even lift a fat azz Ogryn up once he has fallen off a ledge, but you are not strong enough to lift yourself!
  2. Same problems but this time with dogs! Come on I know you want to promote team fights but not being able to get a dog off of you is just plain dumb! Just because you did it in VT and VT2 didn’t mean it was a good idea!
  3. Every time you pull out your ranged weapon not only is it super slow, but you have to charge it? Thats not how weapons work! please fix it!
  4. Switching to melee is super-fast switching to gun super slow!
  5. Reload speed is abysmal there is no sense of urgency! and charging the weapon after reloading is unnecessary as most firearms have a bolt release!
  6. VT2 was based mostly on Melee, and there was team damage to discourage ranged weapons. While that may have worked in Fantasy, 40K is a bit different! It is just as important in 40k to have a gun as it is a sword! please fix the gunplay!
    1 thing I want to absolutely compliment you on is the AI! best AI I’ve ever seen in a game nice job!

Thanks for the game Fatshark!