1.2.1 undocumented changes?


Didn’t find anything clearly penned on the subjects, but I feel like there has been some adjustements that were not documented, and that come things FS marked as repaired feels worse now…

  • Sienna’s Burning head
    Since 1.2.1 I feel like it’s not targeting berserkers anymore. At the very least, it’s now prioritizing them over slave/clan rats.
    I had trouble having it home-in on marked and unmarked specials too, preferring ravaing slave rats in the horde over the globadier I had red-outlined in the back.
    In short : great horde sweeper, but terrible at what it should be used : specials.

  • Bots AI:
    The bots seems even dumber now than before : Deliberately going out of the group during a horde, watching you die without trying to rez, not healing other wounded players/bots with medpacks…
    Shade and Huntsman are still using their Active for whatever reasons. Sometime there isn’t even an enemy in sight.
    Were they dumbed down to make up (or make down ?) for the upgraded controllability we have over toms/grims ?

  • Connecting players & distance from the team :
    I though this was supposed to be fixed, or at least in a better position, but if seems worse than ever. I’ve had several people joining, a hordes comes in so we quickly get in a secure location, and the player pop right in the middle of the horde, 50m away, somewhat near where we were when he joined.

  • Frequency of Berzerks in Legend :
    Might be just a bias from me though, but in recent games we had a shitton of 'zerks on every corner of the map. On The pit, we had a good 25-30 on the beach side alone I think.

There might be more, I have not played that much in 1.2.1 yet, so this was just the most obvious to me.

Anyone having some information on the matter ?

Also, dear Fatshark, I for one don’t mind the changes. You can basically change the mechanics of a whole class, the way some weapons behave, or nearly anything, as long as you describe it to us in patch notes. Sudden and undocumented changes are really frustrating

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I have been playing since as soon as the beta dropped and after, every day about, and I don’t think I’ve really noticed these things. I have not been playing Sienna, though, so I cannot comment on the Burning Head.

I don’t think that bots got dumber; I think instead what happened was that they fixed the issue of a lot of enemies in hordes idling instead of attacking, which is making hordes significantly more threatening than before.

As for why the bots use some ults so badly . . . This is conjecture, but I imagine the bots are aware instantly of a special spawning, and due to how they decide what to do in reaction to threats, that may mean they pop their ult as soon as, say, an assassin spawns in response, even if that assassin is not in dangerous proximity. Just my thought on it.

EDIT: One change I’ve noticed, that I think is undocumented, is that the Executioner Sword’s push-attack is now armor-piercing, like the other great swords. I get hit markers even on Chaos Warriors and Stormvermin even without headshotting them. Honestly, I think this change is great.

After watching a Keri WS bot more closely I concluded that she uses her ult on specials only when they attack - most of the time she kills flamers just when they start to pour sweet sweet warpfire on you regardless of how much they had been mumbling about before. Same with the assassins - she’ll let them jump about for as long as their absolutely idiotic pathfinding whims take them, but as soon as they leap, she’ll use the ult. Hooks seem to get it when they’re about to grab someone too.
So there is more than meets the eye in bot AI, so we’ll have to investigate if further.

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