Bots issues

sometimes bots don’t use range weapon properly, they just run into specials, and in case of ratling or flamers they stay there taking a shower of bullets/flames.
wasn’t this thing fixed in the past?
I’m using the “better bots” mod.

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The “Bot improvements” mod seem to be buggy for some players at the moment.

Already tested it with friends. 1 friend seem to be fine with the mod. The Bots are working as intended.

Another friend and myself have the problem that the bots even are dying to small 10-20 skaven hordes on legend since the GK update.

I already disabled the mod and the vanilla bots are working better than the improved bots for me.

There are a few other players that already said that they have similar problems on the mod workshop side.

Seem to be kinda random. Like said before, try to disable it and check if the bots improve without the mod. Vanilla bots seem to be the better choice in this case.

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k ty, I’ll give a try without the mod!

It’s better, but, still

  • they tend to go straight for the special instead of trying to snipe it (without the mod it’s much less often)
  • some other times they stay in front of a wave in parry stance without doing anything
  • it’s acceptable for them to miss the special, it’s kind of wrong to wait the very last moment for sniping an incoming special (when they don’t just go and get grabbed/stabbed/gassed/stunned/flamed/ratlled(?))
  • would be nice have a target command on tag, just to give them a priority (at least a couple of priority would be good)
  • they like too much to hang around, cliffs mostly

The other problems will stay because of the vanilla version of the bots. I don`t think there will be a new official bot version.

Only thing you can do now is playing with vanilla bots (better than the buggy mod ones) and head out to the mod workshop site to give some feedback.

Maybe the mod autor will have a look when enough players give feedback about a not functional mod.

Last tip that was given to me (but have not had the time to test it yet) would be to lower the bot improvement mod to a lower position in the mod order. That way it should be loaded after the other mods and should overwrite some issues but as i said before, have not had the time to test it yet. It just was mentioned on the workshop site.

OP’s issue is not a Bot Improvements mod issue. It’s a vanilla game bot issue. See Allow bots to kill specials with ranged weapons

As per bots dying to hordes, I don’t think that’s a Bot Improvements mod issue too. It only does 3 things as per its description: better melee choices, stay closer, and ping elites that are attacking them. (All features can be disabled separately.) Improved horde fighting, dodging and blocking are not in the description. So if you are not helping them fight or give them poor weapons (e.g., low stamina, slow attack speed, low dodge distance and/or count, unoptimal melee combos), they will not fight as well.

And there is the actual problem.

Since the GK update some players have the problem that they stopped working for improved melee choices and the stay closer one.

Bots go down in small skaven hordes that were no problem before the update, the wander off even without a flamerat or a gasrat as a target. Pings even not working when they got downed by berserk, monks or others.

Before the GK update it were no problem to stay at a distance to flamerats, ping them and the bots will switch to range weapons because of the distance. After the GK update they make the dicision to try to melee them.

I already tested it with 3 of my friends on legend. 2 of 3 have problems with the bots since the GK launch. Turning off the bot improvement mod had helped to increase the bot performance and dicision making of the bots.

Turning the mod on again let the bots idle in hordes without any big defence even in small 10-20 rat hordes.

And since there are some other players having similar problems on the workshop site it wont be a problem of the game itself since the bots seem to work better without the mod for some players.

@hollerbach @GoliathGalbar
at this point, I wonder if fatshark devs have in queue something about bots or if the formal answer is “they are good as they are”.

Going straight to specials and attempting to melee them, and not shooting with ranged weapons have long been an issue before the GK update and is not related to the Bot Improvements - Combat mod. It has been an issue since Vermintide 1. The mod doesn’t touch decision making on when to use ranged weapons on long-ranged specials. See feedback post: Allow bots to kill specials with ranged weapons

All those other issues are vanilla game bot issues. Bots don’t tend to be proactive in shooting specials with ranged weapons. Bots like blocking. Hanging around cliffs and getting stuck are due to poor pathing.

Bots haven’t been improved much over the game’s lifetime. They’ve been pretty much the same in terms of pathing (getting stuck on cliffs and ledges and various objects) and decision making on fighting specials (attempting to melee long-ranged specials and facetanking warpfire throwers and ratling gunners).

As per above, wandering off to melee long-ranged specials has been an issue long before the GK update and is not mod-related. It has been in the game since Vermintide 1.

With the mod, the bots still ping enemies in my game. I don’t think they can ping enemies while downed (like human players). They can only ping at the same rate as humans can and can not go over that rate.

I tried turning off the mod’s ‘better melee choices’ setting but found out that they have poor decision making on which melee attacks to use, like using their heavy attacks on horde units when their light attacks are much better suited. (Just like before the GK update.)

Each setting can be turned off, so try turning off the ‘stay close to player’ setting if you feel that it doesn’t work or makes the bots behave worse (it works fine in my case).

Note that the ‘stay close to player’ setting does just that: it ‘encourages’ bots to stay closer - it doesn’t fix decision making on fighting hordes (like when to block, attack, dodge, etc.) and pathing issues (if they’re gonna get stuck). If the bots still “die to small hordes”, then that is a vanilla game bot issue or possibly a bot loadout issue not because of the mod. Note that bots will get stuck in place while a human player is about to replace them. Pathing issues can also cause bots to get stuck in many places, and the mod does not fix pathing issues.

I’ve tried playing multiple Legend deeds with Bots Improvement - Combat mod bots even deeds like Vanguard (all roamers are elites), HBFS (2x elites HP and damage), ‘more specials’ deeds, and ‘more frequent hordes’ deeds - they are the same as they were before.

Check out: the How to optimize your gameplay with Bots guide, which curiously, recommends the Bot Improvements - Combat mod.

Note that some careers should not be bots at all, and some loadouts are just not for bots. Also, bots will follow you - do not lead them to known spots where they will get stuck.

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I have done all legend completions with bot, thats not the problem for me.

The bot performance decreased with the GK update and they are working better without the mod at the moment.

Like said before, i am not the only player that have noticed problems with the bots since the GK release. As already mentioned too and already tested by my friends and me the bots seem to work normal for 1 of 4 players while the other 3 of us already saw that they just stopped working even for small hordes and they just stop blocking without a reason.

Maybe i should explain it more clearly. In the mod discription its said that they will ping enemys that are attacking them. That way they have pinged even berserks, monks and things like that as soon as these ones are attacking the bots/focusing them. Working without problems before the GK update. Since the GK update they just stopped pinging in total. No single ping except my own ones since then. Even when the berserks are clearly heading towards them.

There are some players with similar problems on the mod workshop site since GK got released. I dont think its a game issue alone. Maybe its a combination of issues but i am not a modder and dont know how they are working in detail. I just know and can confirm that the performance of the mod tuned down the bots for me.

I was unable to complete any legend games with the mod on, after i turned the mod off again i could complete full book runs on legend with bots easy using the same bots as before.

Even convocation wasnt a problem anymore after turning the mod off. And the final of the map seem to be problematic for bots in my experience.

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As a counterpoint I also was able to complete all the maps with bots with the mod on the entire time, so like you said it might be a combination of mods and user settings. Or just placebo, I have always hated playing with bots and their behavior seems just as stupid as ever.

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at this point, I wonder if fatshark devs have in queue something about bots or if the formal answer is “they are good as they are”.???

yep, I just mean “bot behavior is wrong, we know it, fixing it it’s in the todo list” vs “nope, it’s fine”
being the thing acknowledged out means it’s (will probably be) in the fix queue.


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