Latest changes to horrible BOTs

WTF did you do in the last update to the bots guys? You really screwed up.

Bots have changed their behavior with specials. Now they completely ignore the situation and insist on going in search of the special, stuck frequently (often with the ranged weapon equipped), unable to defend itself and ignoring surrounding enemies.

Pls, reviewing the latest bot changes is very frustrating and stupid. It is a bad job.



No such changes…

It’s been quite a long time since they behave like this, i posted multiple kind of AI problems with bots long time ago, AI improvement mod is uneffective too and the only response from the devs is " it’s not our priority " don’t expect any change soon.


I would not complain if this game had a lot of player base, so the bots are basically no need. But it isn’t we need to play with bots quite a lot. So, the bots must be improved. At the very least, they shouldn’t stupid like now.

Well they are still better than qp


Im on PS4 after playing since beta on PC and am quite surprised at how effective the bots now are.

I was talking about PC bro.

Just play with friends lul. The game was 80% off recently or just QP bots shouldn’t be able to survive on Legend or Cata IMO.
To play those modes im a strong supporter of get involved with the community find a group or just QP because Legend and Cata QP’ers are way way better than the cess pit that is champion.

Not or can not EVERYONE has a like a 3 or more friends

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If only fatshark made bots incapable of agroing patrols because they’ve caused a lot of wipes doing it.

They are, only their ults aggro it


I am always willing to play with other players (even noobs), but its usual for no one to join throughout the game. I always play as host.

So the normal thing is that I play with bots most of the time.

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I played on PC since beta, recently came to PS4, the bots are the same on both.

That’s not true at all. Updates on pc do not have the same speed as on consoles, they (PS4 and Xbox) are more delayed. So if the change is very recent (as I mentioned) it has not yet reached consoles.

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Perhaps you are right and a very recent change has messed up the bots, its been months since I played on PC. I eagerly await the new levels on console and I hope the bots havent been messed with. If equipped correctly they work rather well, although I would like to see them improved to be able to use any weapon and class effectively.

This is more or less how they’ve been for as long as I have played, which is from the latter half of 2018.

True, at some point something changed and they started to get stuck to new places. Most often the reason is a special, or that someone asked the bot to pick up something.

Their inability to handle specials is funny, and sometimes infuriating. I can see how it is difficult to balance their perfect auto-aim when it comes to handling specials and I believe this is the reason they don’t shoot them (usually, 95% of the time).

They do have some sixth senses, obviously, that can also be of advantage like superhuman hearing & sight that can warn you of something way before otherwise possible.

Bots as they are can handle Legend 99% on their own if you just are there to command them as they can’t progress on their own, a player needs to be the lead. So in a sense they do an awesome job already.


  1. Add priority to saving disabled players, and maybe assign priority to the enemies aggroed to said disabled / knocked down player
  2. Add (more?) pathing penalty to going over poison (they already almost avoid vomit)
  3. Add a ton of penalty for gas rat gas and maybe enable them to shoot them instead of going face on with melee never being able to reach due to gas pushback
  4. Magic teleport grab any item anyone says the bot to take. Now it happens sometimes, but I don’t know why/when and can lead bots to get stuck

I posted something like this back then :

Bots needs to stop pulling patrolls
Bots needs to stop damaging/killing you during the Mutator Ranald’s sparking gift
Bots needs to stop using melee on Kamikaze rats
Bots needs to stop charging specials firing at them and with their ranged gun out waiting to get really close before shooting ( they die in the process )
Bots needs to stop bathing in gaz pool and tornados
Bots needs to stop rushing Burblespue when he teleport in the middle of the arena to cast his tornado
Bots needs to stop getting stuck randomly waiting you to get very far away before they can teleport
Bots needs to stop getting stuck when you order them to get a book if they can’t reach it
Bots needs to stop shoving their asses with your ranged weapons whenever you trying to shoot
Bots needs to stop healing Zealot

I believe i missed some.
Good to see a bots problem thread Alive.


Bots don’t pull patrols only their ults
Stop playing zealot with bots then :smiley:
I would only add command to make them heal themeselfs otherwise they are ok

Like disabling bots when someone leave the game or nobody joining ? :slight_smile:

Bots tends to go for an adventure chasing any special away from you or not visible, and they usualy stay in place fighting whatever come close to them, and you can’t help them because the patroll is nearby, knowing bots they wont scream some randoms OI’ don’t they ?

I don’t see what’s okay in that


They could need some quality of life improvements, sure. Like always taking ammo when asked, but bots should never replace players and a player who is familiar with the game and bots can play around them and use them effectively, the only way bots are an issue is if you expect them to carry you which they obviously won’t. Yes not every bot is the same and some die quicker than others, but once you learn how to gear your bots and how they behave and not just use whatever talents or gear, they improve alot.

Weeklies are all over the place with bots so if we ignore that for a sec. The only thing i agree with is bots getting stuck on ladders when you pass them should not be a thing, but can be played around by pushing forward (doesn’t always work in every situation tho). The zealot thing is annoying, untill a ‘less efficient’ zealot player actually wants to be healed by a bot. They should always be a bit unreliable in their combat, and bots actually follow you and stay together (some situations they don’t but still) in contrary to some quick play lobbies.

Bots are also fine in legend and can manage alot and also if you can manage them. playing with bots is something to get used to, i’ve seen some good players making good use of bots and having consistent wins on cata games, a team is still better don’t get me wrong, but its just a different play style. With bots you have to do most yourself, so if you are not used to, for lack of a better word, ‘carry’ yourself in normal lobbies, bots are gonna be something to get used to for you. This is why i don’t like playing with bots in cata myself, because it’s a slow playstyle where you have to command bots, take less risks then you would do in a normal game with humans because mistakes can mean a fail with bots,and i’m not that good and still make some mistakes which cost me the run, sometimes bots save me sometimes they don’t . But legend for me is fine and super reliably completable with bots. So it’s a different mindset + playstyle. And even if bots still make stupid mistakes, having the density spread out on 4 players is a huge help, or even specials having 4 targets instead of 1.

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