Yay bots!

I have been doing solo legends for a long time because randoms are canc-er (Why is that word not allowed? lol) and most of my friends aren’t legend level yet. I am very happy that I can now get gen/emp vaults while going solo instead of merch/soldier. TY Fatshark :D!


Yes one whining player less when I do qp. Awesome!


I really enjoy bots being able to carry books. I really do. I used to do near full books Legend runs in the past before the introduction of social wheel. I used to force my bots into carrying tomes while I carried the grim. However at the moment while I’m playing the Beta I find my bots dumber than they used to be. Each ledge is a hazardous area as they jump off them somehow more often now. At the same time they seem to care about their hp so little that they die a lot more often than they used to. If you ask me bots are too agressive (for their own sake) at the moment.


Not sure if it is just in my head, but bots seem to have more trouble with hordes now. I’ve stopped using Kruber-bot altogether because he gets his butt kicked all the time. Seen him get stomped several times when 1v1 with a zerker. Even IB-bot takes a pounding now. I think they started trying to attack when they should be blocking or pushing.


Yeah. I stopped using Footknight myself in favor of “tanky” Mercenary. His charge skill is counter-productive at the moment.

Ok, so I have lost like 30 legend games straight since the update when soloing (with bots). No matter who I play as, how well I play, how I set up the bots, what map I play, whatever I do, the bots get wiped all the time, they absolutely can´t hold their own against hordes anymore. Before, I would win every 2nd-3rd game or so when soloing. This is bull*hit.

Now the bots pick up what I tell them to, but it doesn´t really improve the game at all, because they die in a short while anyway, so even if I could solo the level and not rely on bots, they are not taking any grimoires through the whole level, and they actually carry far less now, since they are constantly dying, so I often lose tomes due to them wiping and spawning behind a drop. No idea if the hordes are stronger in some way or just the bots are far dumber, but this seriously needs fixing.


I just saw a slayer bot trying to attack a warp flamethrower… by running into it.

Really, everyone told you, guys, that the changes you made to bot AI is ridiculous. Is this supposed to be by design to encourage teamplay or such rubbish? Why not test the patch before rolling it live?


To be fair, they were doing that pre-patch already, not the patch´s fault in this case. All bots seemed to do that if out of ammo, and, to my endless infuriation, sometimes even when they DID have ammo. It is still unacceptable and needs to be changed of course, despite being an older issue.

This one yeah, but the patch introduced a dozen other fun behaviour patterns that make bots just die in seconds.
I was getting a case put together with video recordings, but guess what? - the patch went live in the meantime. I wonder if I should bother at all…

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So, has anyone noticed any changes since after the update was released? Yesterday I started to notice that the bots are either at least semi-competent, or I have learned to better play with them and compensate for their worthlessness. Either way, my solo success rate has gone way up very quickly. Has there maybe been a hotfix or something of the sort?

I think the biggest change was just to hordes; they’re much more aggressive now, and the bots have a really hard time with them. They bots have never been more than . . . okay, really, so it makes sense that with the “idling” horde enemies now, they’re having a tougher time.

I think they just fixed the targetting/prioritization issue that hordes had very often, that they would just ignore players/bots and stand around them, doing nothing. That makes hordes a lot harder to deal with for players I would say, but for bots, I don´t think it should be that big of a difference. But maybe they really did make them more aggressive overall or added some other tweak to their AI.

By the way, I just totally lost a perfect game of Athel Yenlui (with bots). I carried the bots´ useless asses all the way, revived them several times, miraculously managed to keep the ones carrying grimoires alive, and then I got downed about 20 seconds before winning and the bots failed to pick me up or protect me, because there were a few stormvermin and a few clanrats. GG Fatshark, it has been fun, but I want the 32 minutes of my life back now.

Seriously, I don´t get why bots are so dumb/useless/underpowered. I get that FS wants to see players MP rather than solo, but a) that is quite unfair and imo unacceptable considering the game is tagged as SP as well as MP/coop, and b) they are really overdoing it, if that really is their goal here. Bots don´t even come close to a group of decent players as it is now, they suck at priorizing, for some reason they don´t prioritize saving the one player that must survive or they all “lose” anyway, they suck against hordes now, they literally jump in my face as I am taking out hordes with a firebally staff or sniping specials, they get in the way of my AoE literally all the time, making me half-kill them or making me let the hordes full-kill them, which is a shitty dilemma to have to face, they often go full R-word when faced with a special, running up to warpfire throwers and eating all that fire like Somali kids eat sand, even though they have freaking ammo! You also know that you are doomed when all but one bot are on the ground and there is a boss. Unless the boss has below 10% or so health already, there is no way the bot will manage to kill it or decide to revive one of the downed mates. How about using a stagger ability and then immediately revive? Nah, the bots are too imcompetent for that. Or letting players die (and throwing the entire game that way) just because half a mile away, there is a ratling gunner vaguely firing in their general direction, dealing about 0,2 dmg per second to one of them at a time. Yeah, better run those 30 meters to take cover away from the solo player being beaten to death on the ground by two slave rats.

Seriously, given the SP tag, you owe it to the community to make soloing with bots a viable option, and they actually should be better than the average player when it comes to reaction time, aiming and all this crap, because there will always be issues with their AI, they will always be dumb, and will need to compensate for that by being enhanced in other areas. Even more importantly perhaps, they need to get a boost because if one soloes with them and makes just a single mistake and dies, he still loses the entire game, no matter how good bots are. I cannot carry all the bots and protect them from death and make sure I don´t get killed at the same time. They need to be self-sufficient and able to defend themselves so that I can do the same for myself.

Bottom line: The goal of the game is victory, and when soloing or even playing duo with bots, the chances of quickly losing the entire game are vastly increased compared to playing with an all-player team. This needs to be compensated for at least to an extent by bots at least not being too crap at their job, if not by being better than players.


I feel you bro. I totally agree with the prioritizing thing. I just lost a full-book game right before winning in Convocation of Decay. After the last sorcerer died, I got pinned by a gutter runner until i was down (I had almost full health). Okay the 3 bots finally killed the gutter runner and the dwarf was reviving me, just when the reviving is almost done, Kruber got grabbed by a hook rat and guess what, all the bots ignored me and went to save Kruber. They were not using ranged weapons and took ages to take down the hook rat. By the time they returned to me, I was beaten to death by clan rats already. I was like WTH is wrong with them?

Honestly I have been running legend 1 grim 3 tomes with bots for quite a long time and never had a real problem before the patch. But after this update, bots are obviously so much dumber than before. Like now they could went down for any reason. Once there was a horde and a gunner, I led the bots into a room, the gunner was firing at the door (but not us), the bots just suddenly got aggroed on it and all rushed at the door and ignored the hordes that was blocking their path. Come on, they have ammo on their ranged weapons, in fact they almost never run out of ammo. There are also many cases that I was avoiding a chaos patrol, and a firerat spawned and was next to the patrol, the bots lost their minds and rushed towards the firerat out of a sudden. Also after this patch the boss always spawn with hordes and specials, not sure if that’s because as soon as I heard the boss I would find an open area for the bots to dodge, and the Director considers this as “running from the boss” and throws more enemies in? Anyway, there are just so many things changed after this patch that could easily ruin a run with bots.

Basically if we are to play with bots, we can’t rely on them too much. If we, the human player goes down, the game is very likely to end and we should avoid it at all costs. I once had a medkit and was on 1/3 health and Bardin got down (he carried grim). I made the mistake healing him which I won’t make again. We have to keep ourselves at good health at all time and if we fall, the game ends you get nothing, I would rather lose that grim if that’s the case.


Bots are worthless. I hope for a modder that knows what the bots should be doing to set them straight. Fatshark are incapable.

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I don´t think they are incompetent, from what I hear, they just don´t really give a s*it about bot AI. Making PS4 ports and stupid crap like that is apparently more important than actually making sure the game isn´t broken. Which just enrages me, personally.

To be fair though, they have been doing lots of de-bugging, and now released the balance beta patch, which for the most part at least, greatly improves weapons, characters and careers in terms of balance. Which is really sweet.

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By the way, bots still absolutely abhorrent over here. I just got thrown off the ending pathway leading to the bridge leading to the end of Convocation of Decay by (I think) a stormvermin who climbed up next to me??? And the idiot bots took their sweet time getting to me, and I lost the game by being downed while hanging on the ledge after like 30 minutes of playing it.

Alternatively, I lost Screaming Bell a while ago when troll at 10% hp downed me and not a single one of the 3 bots managed to get to me in time to pick me up before I got kicked to death by a few clanrats. They were all f*cking next to me :rage:

… alternatively, I lost Halescourge yesterday after the bots jumped off the last ledge before boss. They all dropped their tomes, picked up healing items, jumped down, and left me there alone, wondering why do I even play this game. Tried social wheel, doesn´t work in this situation apparently. Before I could think it through, a horde came, and because I was still hoping I might somehow get them to return for the tomes, I lost the game after getting screwed by the horde and some special in it.

alternatively, a few days ago, also on Halescourge, one bot jumped down during a horde, and got caught by a packmaster. This resulted in all the bots teleporting down there, and before I could follow suit, I got caught by a leech and downed. There was no more horde, there were no more specials, no enemies anywhere. But I had been downed, and the f*cking bots were down below, from where they apparently can´t teleport back up. So after about a minute or so, I just bled to death on the ground with the bots just standing still.

Bottom line: Please, fix the bots, they are absolutely inhumanely awful and stupid as s*it, completely unreliable for pretty much any role (lvl 30 IB with axe and shield getting wasted by hordes fairly easily all the time), and they are an infinite source of frustration. A game should be challenging to the player because the player needs to perform well, not because he has to roll well on a roulette that the bot AI is. If I perform well and constantly keep losing, that really isn´t fun, it feels unfair, it feels like a waste of time. Not even to mention I have already adapted to playing with bots and it isn´t easy at all, because I have to care for them and compensate for them all the time in almost every regard, otherwise I wouldn´t even get halfway through probably. At least allow them to teleport anywhere the player currently is, if you can´t make them not jump ahead like morons.

Not incompetent eh. Having an Ironbreaker bot do his ult and instead of picking up the downed player at his feet, lets them die. That’s some pretty big incompetence IMO.

Well yeah, the bots are, I meant Fatshark.

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