The worst best game-Toxic

So i just had a game with a team and 2 of them were just complete Tools (I couldnt put the T word) right, Talking smack saying i was doing nothing the entire game which, I will not argue with because i was playing at a lower level than usual but this has a lot reasons which i explained to them, I just woke up, First game of the day, and i was trying a completely new class with completely new weapons but that wasn’t the worse part, The host said the dumbest thing ever and made this match even better, I said first game of the day and he responded “first kick of the day” Or some idiotic stuff like that, I then got called a r-tard(I cant put this word too) by a shade kerillian but this is the best part of it all, I might of played at low level but i as a mercenary kruber managed to out do more boss damage than a shade kerillian with 2000+.

So, the people were complete tools (It wouldnt let me put the other T word) but it was all made up for that they were all awful players apart from the dwarf(Respect to him) themselves and the sienna even over heated herself like two times. Overall, This is actually the first toxic match i had after 200 hours of playtime and so good job to this community for having a limit of toxicity. I just wanted to write this because it was a first. Wait, before i end this as well, I asked what i was doing wrong and the host responded with nothing, thats the problem, like what an idiot.

Ok what words aren’t allowed to be used, Im lost here. Im just altering the entire thing, Ok this ended up as a mess, I just changed the entire thing because i missed one word.

You’ll never play an online game that is completely void of these people. Congratulations on avoiding them for so long. It gets a bit more severe in Legend. I’ve resorted to mostly playing with bots since they don’t b**ch and moan when I choose a career that they think sucks or a weapon they think is worthless or (list goes on).

Yup. Gonna happen.
Kinda unrelated but I have seen it in champ and legend pubs sometimes…telling me to switch class because they suck or what have you.
*I am totally fine switching class to get a better team comp and usually dont have to be asked to do this as its almost automatic at this point. What I am not going to do is switch class because someone else thinks its bad.
Every class can play and contribute in Legend, some just cant hard carry a team.
I am currently working on BW Okri’s challenges and was told to switch to Pyro…requested to just give it one run. Map went well…and what do ya know, least damage taken, most total kills due to sweet sweet conflag on BW.
Could I have done a bit better on Pyro…yeah…so what though…we won.

Conflag battle wizard is amazing fun.

hmm. strangely in all my time in legend i’ve never once been told to change class, and i do try all sorts of wierd stuff.

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Yeah sorry to hear about this, but unfortunately I have some similar experiences

There are a small list of names, and whose steam accounts I have blocked. As soon as I see them in a game I leave and look for a friendlier team

Rude people are everywhere unfortunately

I REALLY wish Fatshark would implement a similar system that worked VERY well in Left 4 Dead 2. If you had a steam account on ‘block all communication’, they (nor you) could see or join a game together. Worked like a charm

There are some rude players I would rather not have the ‘pleasure’ of playing with lol

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I remember one game that I lost my temper in. Pyro ran half a mile ahead for the entire map (I mean very very far) and got downed 10+ times. I asked the guy several times to just PLEASE hang back just a little bit.

He flat out ignored me, and I wasn’t feeling very patient, so I told him that I’m done getting him up In the middle of a horde.

Well, there was a newbie dwarf that I was working on protecting, who had gotten downed on the last horde, who thought I was talking to him. He disbanded the game before I could clarify it was the mage.

I still feel bad about that one, lol.

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