Toxic community developing

Well it’s happened. I’ve started encountering the first wave of toxic players because everybody cares for only green circles.

Sure, I may not be as good at this game as some, but when I’m a melee and have no ranged, and the other 3 members of the group are literally ranged dps… I’m not sure what you want from me regarding “kills and damage done.”

It’s “gear score” from World of Warcraft all over again.


I’ve been seeing this stuff as well. Also running into groups of 2-3 friends who are super toxic and vote-kick people for fun.

The only solution we have is to disable voice chat and text chat. Fatshark could do a better job preventing abuse of the vote kick system as well, but I’m not sure how exactly.

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there’s also a lot of balancing that needs to be done regarding melee vs ranged. as well as hit registry that i’ve been posting about.

and was just removed from the game because i accidentally hit someone with drakefire guns in champion.

I mean i’ve been getting hit by beams and arrows all night. (then apologized)

But who cares about me; right?

FS Fix your game, plz kthx.

People being sh*t isn’t the game’s fault.


No, but the stats screen and the fact that Ranged dps can completely overshadow Melee dps is something the game can control.

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People thinking it matters are idiots, and also I think thats situational, on open maps ranged dominates, get into something with closer quarters say Righteous stand or like… Hunger in the dark and im almost always topping the little green circle charts as FootKnight.


Well yes-- however game design can help influence and mitigate this type of behavior.

The game allows it, therefor the game is somewhat to blame. Who did they blame when 50% of the player base was hacking like crazy in the Division? Certainly not the hackers. I’ll agree that this is a minor issue to the game.


The game implies it matters. It does with the endscreen and even the circles. Said it a lot of times, and will again… The visuals, the way the end screen shows and compares stats while circling the highest… is NOT helping. Bring back the screen of V1 where no one cared about kill amount and the completion of the map is back in focus.

I’d love mission progress charts etc instead of this… Like kills per minute… Areas reached at what time… Pool all the stats into a consolidated team… Shadow play exceptional murder rates and revives etc.

I honestly dont understand how people can think this.
The only thing that will happen is that player dont see any “archievements” anymore.
Did people hit each other over Pongs score back then and needed someone to tell them that this isnt right?

Stop thinking Riot did the right thing by labeling everything that isnt conform with their rules as toxic and something every company should archieve.

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