Remove the green circles

You log in and start the game, ready to have some fun. You grab your favorite class and find a match in quickplay. Team composition is good, dps and someone to tank, you tell yourself "ah nice, this team looks solid"so you start playing… And then the dwarf goes on a rampage and literally kills the entire map with his flamethrower while you stand back and do nothing. Souds familiar?

It happend to you aswell im sure, maybe it wasn’t the dwarf, perhaps it was the Elf or the Zealot, but it always happends. “The circle seeker”, the one guy that doesn’t play to have fun or to coordinate with the team, but activily tries to be competitive with the other players. He’s the guy that shoots through you to kill a stormvermin or special, damaging you, not to save you, but only so he could get the kill. He’s the one guy that doesn’t use his ult to damage the boss up until it’s almost dead so that he can get the final blow. You know what im talking about im sure of it…

So what to do?

How about removing the green circles? Leave the scoreboard in the end, just remove the green circles. While it won’t fix the issue outright, im sure it will make those kind of players less interested in seeking glory and possibly runing the other players fun.


I don’t think these players are out to ruin your fun


Yeah, i know, they are not doing it on purpose (at least most of them) but those kinds of players are still less fun to be around then cooperative ones. And having green circles that reward that kind of behaviour, while not the end of the world, it can still prove grating or downright frustrating after a while.

People might say, “Why don’t you find a group of friends to play with?” . Unfortunately it’s not that easy, and even if you do, they might not be always online. Sooner or later you are bound to meet them.

Green circles or not, they do it because they are Alpha. Good thing we can now block them via Steam.

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I see where this is coming from. I’ve had my share of infinite ammo swiftbow WS soloing a map in Legend, and I have felt useless.
I know the frustration in preparing a heavy attack on a stormvermin just to see him drop from a bodyshot, over and over again.
I felt the anger boiling when players were so thirsty for green circles that they go through the map never releasing W, dropping ledges when disablers spawn on you, ignoring everything.
I also know that I have no fun in playing with those players, who have evolved past breaking the game ; and am sad at the fact that eventually this narrows the diversity of characters and build we’ll be seeing as more and more people play the “broken” builds - if only to feel useful.

That being said, not only are they not that common, this does feel like petty frustration. They do ruin my fun, but is it their fault ? I’ve played enough tabletop RPGs to have learnt that people have different expectations from games and play differently, and that is acceptable. In an online game based on matchmaking, it is not as simple as to decide not to play with those players, nor is it possible to set expectations before playing with them. I usually suck it up for the game, get angry when I die alone because I was fighting a horde while they were enjoying their +30% movespeed, and move on to the next game. Green circles are not the incentive for people to play like that. At best they give them unimpressive bragging rights.
The only green circle I care about at the end is the Damage Taken one, and always try to improve on it.

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Cmon this dwarf is 24% dmg done ahead. He’s trying hard, but not doin g everything solo

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My guess is that 2H hammer + drakefire dwarf and flail + xbow zealot were soloing hordes and specials and elites with halberd + repeater Merc yelling at them while daggers + hagbane elf was waiting for something to do.

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Obviously, a dwarf playing flamethrower will still play flamethrower. It’s not to “get green circles” that they’re doing that.


Honestly I don’t think we should make changes like that just because of few knobs who occasionally occur in every game. These people will always find something, no matter what you do.
There is no reason to remove a feature just because of them.

…they are not worth it


I do sympathise with this. It’s much better on Cata and DWONS/Cata+ where you rarely find circle chasers, though those modes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Unfortunately even without the circles people will be able to tell that their flamethrower is killing the majority of the horde and will get a kick out of it either way.

On the topic of stats, I’d very much like to see a headshot ratio, if not on the scoreboard then in some personal record somewhere. Would be useful for tracking improvement.


Playing Cata is actually such a pleasure.

On the other hand, that’s a flamethrower’s job, and I don’t mind. In fact, I’ll cover them while they fire instead of heading in the fire to hit the rats meself. There’s nothing wrong with getting green circles, I dislike people thirsting for them to the point of being borderline toxic.


Me on GK.

But yeah, on topic: Flamethrower dwarf is just clearing Hordes. Unless he’s running into annoying positioning constantly, his role will get him the green circle just from doing his job. Take a full Elite/Boss/Special killing build, because you don’t need to worry about Hordes.

As Slayer, you can top damage and not even top Melee kills, because it’s all chip damage. BW and even Pyro/Unchained with Conflag can too. It’s just filling roles in these scenarios.

It’s the people who intentionally run away and never look back that are the issue. They usually die off in the distance anyway. They stand in spots where you couldn’t possibly benefit from or help them if anything happens, and your sides are left open constantly.

I’ve made a thread about how this playstyle is basically enabled by how OP the Career is, with Zealot being the biggest offender.

It sucks, because not all of the Careers are built to be really forgiving, and the ones that are leaving you alone is just a d*ck move.

Add on to that the fact that while they’re alone they can fill your role, while you struggle to stagger so you can get a shot off, and it really sucks.

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Either that or you’re the one left behind by 3 circle chasers. :disappointed_relieved:

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