Good Tip for Legend

Legend runs aren’t about getting green circles. Play your damned roles.

Why are you guys running around with your ranged weapons drawn? Why are you bounty hunters using a full volly on AMBIENT SLAVES? We all know things spawn in your blind spots. Sometimes even silent hordes. We’ve all been hit enough times from random enemies to know we need to be more vigilant and on guard.

Put them away until you need to shoot.


Bored of seeing a down within 5 minutes of starting a run, it’s a sure sign we’re doomed. But I keep going every time and get punished for my faith. I don’t want to have to be tied to champ runs until I put a good enough Legend team together, just because other people are playing outside their difficulty level.


Well, whats the problem founding stack for constant games? Like friend 10 peoples. You play with guy -> press shift tab -> previous games -> friends on steam -> ??? -> profit

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Im not sure, I haven’t seen people good enough to stack with. I had a few good ironbreakers who I regret not friending, but without fail 90% of people I encounter fall into stereotypes.

The Pyromancer who thinks she can do everything. She will run ahead of everyone, snipe distant targets and get blindsided by a lone slave rat because she’s too keen to get big numbers. Infact the last pyro I played with ofc got ALL the green circles, but she died 3 times and lost her grim.

The Halberd Kruber who can’t block because he’s so in love with the sound of his weapon caving heads in. He also forgets he can revive DEAD PEOPLE.

The BH who basically does what Sienna does (see above). Runs around with gun around using his trait on ambient trash, on CD because he thinks it’s good because he’s not wasting ammo. But he also gets killed by things right next to him because he’s shooting things.

And the slayer. We all know what 90% of slayers do.

I decided I’ll be making some kind of recruitment post here, that’s probably a good idea.

First, disclaimer: I don’t play public games, and probably won’t. Because reasons.

That said, if I move around with ranged weapon drawn, it’s because a) I trust you’ll have my back, and b) I’m ready for specials and elites. Wasting a volley without a horde, boss or a few elites is foolish, though.

And blocking isn’t always the best option, and some boss strikes hit through block. And DoT (be it from Troll or Halescourge) eats it away. So there might be reasons for that too.

People hanging in the forums are a minority of the players, even in Steam, let alone here, and the ones racing ahead and wasting resources aren’t likely to follow these conversations. The best way you can enhance your (and others’) experience is to try to figure out which players are chronically bad, and who are just inexperienced but willing to learn, then help, advise and teach the latter. Probably should try to talk to all, makes the “figuring out” part easier.

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I don’t want to get into the details rly but I never assume anyone has my back in pubs, for two reasons. 1) things spawn in weird places. 2) they usually don’t have my back.

However you’re right. There are chronically bad players and people who can improve. I quite selfishly have time for neither. I want reds >:)

I play BH on Legend. If I’m using volley on ambients, it’s probably because I blew through some ammo fighting elites or a boss and I’m trying to scrounge some ammo back up during downtime. It’s not about “not wasting” ammo—it’s about actually realizing a net gain in resources in a situation where other classes would either expend resources or, at absolute best, break even.

Pugging can definitely be rough, but you shouldn’t be quick to assume that you know more about how to play your teammates’ classes than they do.

Not Legend per se, but I do love the ranged guys that kill every skaven slave as you swing at them, then a pack of specials or elites shows up and they’re out of ammo.

But you know, he got that lone chaos dude that you were killing, so it’s fine that he’s out of ammo for the globadier that’s killing you all during a horde.

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I’ll also say that, in general, I have much more fun (and much higher success rates) with pubs who can laugh off a loss, talk about what went wrong, then happily jump into the next game than with people who pay more attention to their teammates’ mistakes than to their own. A team composed of people who vary in skill/experience can easily clear legend as long as everyone’s communicative, responsive, and moves together, whereas four technically proficient players that dispute calls and pick at their teammates are (IME) going to wipe every time.

Sure, that happens. But when a BH is purposefully using their blessed shots on ambients, they might be recovering ammo—not spending it.

Go back to reddit.

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Sure, but when I see they’re red on ammo afterwards it, obviously that wasn’t the case. :smiley:

It’s elves more often than not, though I have seen BH’s that shoot everything immediately and run out fast. I suspect they’re trying to get the bonus for having no ammo.

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List of 25. Holy Sigmar advices for legend:
(found on stone tables)

1. Legend s all about seeing victory screen (forget evry aspect of scoreboard chease stupidity, it only leads to doom, wasted supplies and wipe)
2. Observe battlefield_(if you see someone control choke dont put your snout there, dont FF him)_
3. When someone is grabed relase him softly (if someone is grabed this is not end of the world, this not means you shoud use ulty to relase guy, do it softly with less FF possible)
4. Be careful with FF all the time (specialy if you are mage or elf, if you are meele never pass throught ranged, and try to not get in front of him)
5. Use ulties only for good reason (dont spend ulty just to kill few more paesant rats, elf and mages shoud save their ults for Gas rats and Vortexers, and wierd positioned specials, never to chease paesantry)
6. Get yourself a violet potion and save it ONLY for boss encounters (never use it to kill more paesant rats)
7. Know your role ( your role shoud be, dealing with specials, killing hordes, or killing left overs or enemies who get disgrouped, dont put your snout in places it not belong )
8. Dont grab ammo like greedy loot rat, always check other people ammo before grab ( Yellow/Red bow icon on left portait pannel)
9. Dont grab healing like greedy loot rat (always check other people HP)
10. Always let guy with -25% on amulet use medpacks
11. When healing, use medikits on people with white health for more healing (medkit replaces white health with green health + healing, potions only offers healing, so be wise)
12. Do not push foward like Terminator, if current enemies are not dealt with (if you hear gas rat singing, dont go foward before you deal with him)
13. Grims are not suposed to be collected in each run (they are for specialy good groups, its better to complete run with 0 or 1 grim than not complete it at all, not all groups can handle 2x grims)
15. Master your weapon ( then you will know how much time u can hit before witdraw or before boss can smash you, which means u will be able to solo boss slowly if its really need)
16. Be very careful to not pull patrols, never use ulties when patrols are near to avoid accidental pull (for example dont use AoE ult if patrol is above you, do not use seeker arrow if you know patrol is near etc )
17. Dont throw bombs like kid throw firecracks ( bombs are your Joker, if someone accidentaly pull patrol, or if you happen to get group with alot of rats with red jackets, save it for situations like this, also be extra careful when throwing bomb to avoid FF, also avoid +50% radius enchant on legend)
18. Try to run -25% amulet, its best for legend runs, ( if all grp members wear it, you will never be short of healing supplies)
19. Know priority enemies (chaos warrios are terrifying enemy, but they are not one who usualy wipe group… group wipe enemies are Gas rats, vortexers, rogues they need to be burned fast)
20. During horde attack find yourself good spot (dont stay in mid of the town square like Rambo)
21. Be careful when using oil or podwer barrels (throw them away if you think they can jinx you)
22. On boss fight try to chain ulties once you catch boss in good spot (avoid ulty overlaping, you want boss lying on ground as much possible)
23. If you see enite group is focusing front line, be that guy who will watch the back or sides (to be that guy u really must abandon any score cheasing heresy, do it for well being of entire group)
23. Always remember wipe on legend is something regular, even best steamers more wipe than win, so do not destroy your group after a wipe, or blame all around you, sometimes this game will offer you fun but impossible situations due RNG nature (dont be salty after a wipe, legend is not suposed to be completed each time you click the que)
24. When reviving someone, face toward enemies and hold block (block can be hold while ressurect cast)
25. Avoid melee clashes with berserkers ( they simply outblow you and ruin your stamina, instead kite them and kill them with ranged)

Using those advices will improve quality of life in your legend runs and increase your chance to see win screen.


As a slayer main i resent this. Slayer in the hands of a skilled player is always the last to go down and destroys most threats before the rest of the group even realizes they’re there. Slayer is super powerful right now. It’s ridiculous how fast push stabs delete pretty much anything from the game.

I love slayers… they are indeed skillcap heroes…
Just gief slayer paesant rats to fuel his stacks and he can do wonders.

Hey well i’m not a ProGamer™ but i’m not horrible, and i’ve been having the same problem.

The worst thing for me is how toxic some of these pub gamers are. I’d love to have a reliable teammate to play with.

hmu (anyone) if you wanna try me out, I don’t think i’m too bad (though, idek where most of my flaws are cause i hardly get to finish a round with how bad the Sienna’s and BH’s are) and i’m game for a couple rounds.

Also, i couldn’t care less for green circles. i don’t have a need to compensate for anything :wink:

love it. should be right above the mission select map in the keep.

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eh, i run around with my ranged drawn for some areas because i’m confident that i won’t take damage with my awareness level, plus if some leech decides to appear in front of me he’s going to eat my arrows/bullets straight away.

as for BH shooting full volleys on slave rats… i take it you haven’t played BH yet. it’s for ammo regeneration.

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Looks like I offended some folks. If you’re in the 10% gongratz.

There’s no good reason for running around with guns drawn when there is nothing in sight. Especially in Legend. Swapping to defend in melee is still FUBAR, we all know this. I still see complaints of it for every down EVER.

As for trying to insinuate these lost games are my fault xD

yes there is, to pick off specials or the next ambient thing that comes into view without having to switch.

i mean, if nothing is in sight, the same argument could be made for melee weapons!

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