Dear Pre mades!

i play champ mostly, and honestly i would rather see 3 teen level people in the lobby than a 3 man pre made team picking up a 4th random.

PuG groups actually have their own meta , if you play as a pre made you probably would be very surprised how much pug runs follow the same route and plan. for examples , righteous stand final crescendo pug groups dropped doing it at the entry doors when they nerfed it now we do it off to the left of the bell against the wall that ray of light hits.
On War Camp we always hug left till the first grim , and we always go to the right candle first on the second grim.
We always assume its a full book run unless its going badly then someone might suggest skipping a grim.

Pre mades tend to do stuff differently , and that’s fine i get it , and they tend to have their own voice comms, which of course is great why wouldn’t you?

But what a huge amount of you seem to not realise is , i can not read your mind and didn’t get a guide book to your groups particular route. what is obvious to you might also be entirely counter to what the pug in your group considers normal.

Now most pre mades i end up joining are lovely people don’t get me wrong , i’m just asking you guys please bear in mind we pugs don’t know what you do and we have expectations of our own. it might be standard for your group to skip the second grim unless you tell me i wont know that.


Great post! I usually roll with a pre made but when I’m solo quickplaying it I notice a lot of differences as well. Always interesting to see other people’s strategies.

there are nice people doing premades who you can see that take care of the random that joins, and are friendly.

then you have the crapholes that snatch all the healing and refuse to heal you or sometimes even ignore ressing you up.

i had a 3 man premade kick me for a single friendly fire arrow from my swiftbow i accidently shot into the mage while shooting at a horde, but their BH had pumped me a full volley shot into my back taking out 1/4 of my hp, and i did not say anything.

the joys of quickplay.

oh, i pressed quickplay again after that, rejoined their game, and they were wiping to a boss, apparently aggroed right after kicking me. i smiled to myself and left.

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Never been in a PUG that took the same route on Warcamp, be it Champ or Legend.
Righteous Stand always has a fight of people offering differenr places to hold.

Seriously disagree that PUGs have an agreed route.

This pisses me off tbh. Mobs usually come at you in neat straight lines when youre at the door and nothing pokes you in the ass coming out of the walls. Seems perfect to me. What exactly did they nerf? Hows standing in the corner with mobs coming at you from every side better?

at the door you get swarms coming down the pillars behind you , from the hole in the floor in the middle of your group , coming over the barricades from both sides and shooting you /throwing gas though the scenery on the sides, there’s junk all over the floor that blocks dodging and you have no where to go if gas lands in the middle.

at the side of the bell nothing can actually spawn behind you you just get regular troops from the 3 holes. and all specials/elites have to spawn at very long distance over open ground and are easy to mow down from range without them getting to shoot.

its personal preference of course but its no contest for my choice. you are free to do it where you want of course :wink:

…and as a bonus you can actually see things instead of standing in the dark. I think staying at the gates is one of the worst spots, trumped only by jumping on the platform where people regularly fall off into the moshpit to meet their deaths.

Same here, every group acts differently. Also standing left to the bell in righteous stand is the dumbest thing you can do since more often than not you will get f*cked thanks to special spawns and zerkers dropping down on your head, I will never stand in that corner because it’s one of the worst spots in the room, even the door is better.

The right side gives you almost double the space to move around in case of gas rats btw. Much better than the left corner.

To the people arguing about which spot is best for Righteous Stand – the real point is that you can’t assume that a PUG player knows where you’re heading. Spare a moment to communicate your plans, or glance back over your should to make sure everyone’s on the same page.


Ehh…no. They fixed that. Now rats can come from behind you and from your left and right near the door.

Imho the best spot is the right (most pugs prefer the left corner) corner of the great hall where ranged can stand on dat thing so that they can have better line of sight and less FF.

Tbh I am not entirely sure what is the exact complaint here (except for the assuming a full book run). Bec. it sounds partially like you are complaining about that the premades have different paths or holdout spots and they are not going with you to the supposedly better places/routes. But I bet its something else :slight_smile:

I like when there is a horde coming and they all run off to fight 3 guys in a field and pull a Chaos patrol, while you try to hold their flank against 50 dudes. Then if die to it they kick you.

Or they just randomly kick you because they can.

It’s to where I’d almost always rather play with anything than a pre-made. They’re on voice comms together, do random crap that makes no sense, maybe afk for like 5 minutes and you’ll probably get kicked no matter what you do anyway and waste a bunch of time.

They can bring a level 12 Slayer into Champ that loses half his life every engagement, but if you get assassined while they all ignore it, you’ll get kicked for it.