Protection Against Friendly Fire

Hi! As all of us know, friendly fire might be an issue on Legend+ difficulties, especially if there’s a bounty hunter or shotgun user in the party. And there are plenty of useless traits in game.
To solve both of these problems, I suggest to make property of damage reduction from chaos attacks to protect from friendly fire as well.
That’s about it.

Stand behind the range and watch them get overwhelmed.


If a guy keeps shooting you, tell him to quit it(nicely).

If he does not stop you only really have the option of quitting or starting a votekick or if you are the host and voting fails, crash the lobby to give everyone involved the middle finger.

Isnt there some saying about even Buddha having a limit to his patience? I can understand that feeling quite well when the bounty hunter ults the back of my head of the third time in a row while greeding for kills :expressionless:

You can use natural bond and temp hp as protection. It can be a problem if you playing with a really bad players and using heal share. It is rare case.
One of my teammates could play with Conflagration staff without damaging me as Ironbreaker, which is amazing feat.

Only options? No you can in game troll him when ever he lines up a shot ff him so his accuracy fails or just straight up gang up on him, drink his potions, lead him into enemies before backing up so many options really!

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Bounty saltz with his F on heavy hit does like 40-50 FF damage instantly.

When such a guy pops a conc pot against a few chaos warriors being held down by the tanks and ults THROUGH said tank(being me), repeatedly, i find my displeasure meter skyrocketing.

Although one who uses crossbow and keeps hitting me is also extremely annoying as that does like 20-30 per shot as well.

Exactly 27 on a IB Bardin. He had to shoot me twice, once for the passive and once for the damage.

Ironbreaker has a passive 30% damage taken reduction x)

So we can tell that whatever you hit him with would have done ~39 on someone lacking such a talent.

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I was the Bardin though xD
But yeah, BH’s crossbow hurts. One time a Waystalker jumped in front of me as BH firing. We both became very aware of each other’s positioning.

Yeah? O_O

I mean, what you wrote is that your friend playing saltz shot you on Ironbreaker twice, once to break the block passive and once to check the damage.

But that still means you were playing Ironbreaker so you had a 30% damage reduction? O_O

friendly fire does very low damage , not a problem, don’t stand in front of ranged classes

Friendly fire that adds up to 80 or 120 as I’ve seen sometimes is a lot of damage.
And just saying “don’t stand in front of ranged classes” is not a complete solution IMO.
If you play a ranged career, stand on the side before shooting, jump when you shoot or don’t shoot into melee.
Sometimes it’s warranted to shoot through allies though, so also don’t make a fuss about being shot if it removes 2HP.
All in all, I don’t think an FF protection trait is necessary, just kindly explain that you don’t like being shot in the ass because someone is greeding for kills.