Make players immune to the crit effect of friendly fire (BH feedback)

There’s only one class where this is an issue, but it’s a big issue.
I love playing bounty hunter. When I fire my crossbow, it’s gonna be a crit, and those crits hurt players.

Case and point five minutes ago:
I was playing iron breaker on legend, I was holding tome and grim. I had just been picked up, so I was at half health. I even had my grommil (sp?) up, so the next hit shouldn’t matter.
Salty fired off his utlity; it killed me and the shade.

I accept friendly fire; I don’t want it done away with.
In most circumstances, crits aren’t a real problem with ff, as they tend to come from light weapons. In other cases, when a person gets in front of a handgun, they deserve the damage they get from it.

However, this is a different story when it comes BH.

  1. BH is incentivized to target specials and elites, so there is an increased probability of FF.
  2. If BH is using a ranged weapon, odds are, it’s gonna be a crit; so there’s an increased probability of crit FF.
  3. If BH fires off a utility, when crit is in effect, he can literally take out 3/4 of the team. Mostly this is an accident, but it is more devestating that a direct hit with a bomb/gunpowder barrel.

Maybe there’s a better approach involving changing FF damage for salty alone.
This has been a problem for a while, but I think the new skill perks for salty (which I like) have encouraged play styles that make this problem more pronounced.


welp, that’s the part of BH experience
I would rather have BOTs fixed so that they are not standing in front of your shot
When playing with living payers it sometimes is a part of hilarious moments and vivid emotions, so let it stay ^^


I realize there’s a spectrum of emotions one can take from an experience, the question is, what emotions do the devs want to cultivate. Among friends, it’s easier to laugh it off. In the last game pub game I was in (where this happened) an otherwise functioning team promptly bailed – I can’t assume sole causality, but I feel comfortable saying, “not everyone has your response” or mine for that matter.


Well, the guy better be carefull with ults when ppl are on low white HP.


I actually greatly enjoyed the sight when I fired my double-shotted ult at the head of CW and Kerilian jumped in front o my barrel to get the kill. I didn’t notice what happened until the smoke cleared. From 90HP to 0 in 1 shot. Most likely hit her in the back of the head. And CW died too, so good riddance.
I think removing the monstrous ult ff would remove an important part of the game - accidentally 1-shotting elf at almost full HP.


I actually ULTd a HM today. She dodged in front of a CW moving through a horde. :joy: Maybe she should have focused on the horde instead of going in for the CW kill. I think that’s more of a problem with THP though. I’ve had people get angry at me for killing all the elites.


I got elf twice yesterday in one run, but only once by accident :sweat_smile:

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Before 2.0 I chunked a Shade for 50 damage at the beginning of a match with a repeater pistol because she was occupying that space where you can’t see them, but their hitbox is clipped into you. Got the CW and the elf rage quit. :no_mouth:

Second moment of glory, playing with a footknight main I’d just met. We got voice chat going, we’re cruising along with my premade, packmaster appears.

Ult’s out, crit’s on cooldown, boutta get that double headshot when this dude walks between me and my ult. Went from 89 to 1 health. /friendship


Interesting subtexts so far:

This thread has a few statements about strategy and responsible play.
There’s an equal number of posts where people talk about intentionally griefing, by way of the mechanic or provoking other players to quit.

All the positives boil down to, I play BH and I get a kick out of accidentally/intentionally killing players.

Perhaps that’s beneficial to the game, perhaps not – it’s ultimately the dev’s call.

Hey, maybe I’m thinking about this the wrong way – maybe a more viable solution would be to double all friendly fire damage that the BH receives from teammates – that way everyone could get in on the fun?

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I quite like the ability to delete my allies at will.

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