Friendly fire, why not just get rid of it?

FF is no longer anything meaningful , people have no compunction shooting through you or even using you asa focal point for thier AE attacks, even on legend the damage is negligible.

Its no longer something the people who inflict FF have any real need to avoid or care. all that is left is how annoying for those of us that are always getting hit by it. from the warning hit markers making you think something got behind you to the screen flashes and constant “why am i on fire?” barks .

for the record i think friendly fire should be a serious issue and could of been a very usefull tool in balancing the low risk high reward of some ranged gameplay. but as every balance step has been to move to trivialse its affects its clear FS are not going to go that way, and im left wondering if there is any reason to not just remove it. its nothing but an annoyance for the people getting hit and no affect on the offenders.

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I’m gonna go ahead and guess you’re a Salty boy main? His crossbow takes 10% of your HP, his ult can 1 shot you, if you’re really unlucky. Same goes for WS, I’ve taken a good 15% HP off someone with her ult. And Siennas head seeking ULT seems to love her team mates heads as well.

The only weapons that don’t deal much damage are the hagbane and beamstaff, but they do mess up your aim for 3 seconds due to DoT. The others hurt, but no where near the level of Salty boys crossbow.

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They should set the FF back where it was at realease. IT wasnt a problem at all. Stupid ppl were the problem.

So here is what you do:

Extract FF from damage taken/done stats and make it a new single stat, something like FF dmg done and add a quick option to blacklist ppl at the statistic screen.


Not all FF is an issue though. The stagger on the hagbane is well worth the FF damage when someone pulls a patrol. I can essentially stun lock the entire patrol while the rest of the team kills it. Sure my team mates are getting hit with a lot of FF, but what’s worse, 1-3% of your HP or a hit from a stormvermin?


While the amount of damage FF does is usually negligible, its other effects are not, and even the damage can be worrisome. A shotgun to the back, a crit or a damaging Career skill still hurt and can easily do significant amount of damage. Getting hit from behind is always distracting and seeing the hit marker may cause you to indirectly take a lot more damage. And on Ironbreaker, it eats up Gromril Armour, and on Zealot, may trigger Death Protection. So even if the damage itself is negligible, it should still be avoided unless necessary. That small tick of damage may lead to far greater damage right after.

If some of these were changed (likely the damage indicator and possibly ability triggering), I wouldn’t mind raising FF damage closer to what it was. But for now, there are quite enough effects to try your best avoiding it. Not everyone realizes this, however, and keeps shooting indiscriminately because “the damage doesn’t matter anyway”.

There are a lot of scenarios where FF hurts A LOT. Any time Saltz has blessed shot up, ouch. Huntsman crit, ouch. And to my surprise, yesterday a merc kruber literally took 75% of my health with a blunderbuss shot to the back of my head. I’m assuming you play ranged, and either have no clue the damage you’re doing, or you play sienna. Aside from her ult, her staves don’t do a lot of damage. But the DoT messes up others aim.

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NP i like it.
and i did like max crit what it was 40%?

I just took two bardin shotgun blasts to the back of the head and walloped a big chunk of my health as huntsman.

I’m in favour of the friendly fire causing problems for the shooter - something that will annoy the shooter rather than the target. Removing buffs, depleting ammo, boosting overcharge or slowing ult charge, elf accidentally swiftbowing themselves in the face five times. you know, that kind of thing.

Slowing down the recharge of ult is my favourite, as repeat offenders could see chunk damage to their ult bar and blindfolded pyro players might actually not systematically set fire to everyone on their team to get another kill of a slave-rat. This would be in addition to the current state of FF.

Including FF should change your playstyle, and as a fireball Sienna I am more concerned about my positioning and range than without FF - but then I try not to be a fireball spamming slap-Kruber-on-the-back-of-the-head-with-a-fireball-cos-it’s-easy-to-use-his-hat-as-a-rangefinder kind of person.

i do play sienna a bit but i dont like her weapons so got to 30 and dropped her , mostly i play zeolot or handmaiden. some footknight and slayer or whc.

seriously since the nerf to FF damage a few patched back i have just not noticed anyone doing anything over chip damage.

/shrug , just not seeing what you are , but can we agree the being hit indicators and screen flashes being the same as getting hit by an actual enemy is something they could change to make life better?

o.o you’ve never experienced sienna’s ult taking 20% of your hp away, or a BH ulting through you, or a shotgun in the back by a rampaging RV? FF hurts!

i run natural bond so chip damage doesn’t concern me, but for others that don’t run it, it definitely stacks up over time.

yea colouring it green wouldn’t be a bad idea. altho honestly if players aren’t aware that an enemy is/isn’t behind them, that’s a bigger problem regarding awareness, rofl. also trains people not to stand in the middle of a corridor if your ranged has it locked down already

Same here, the FF I suffer when playing melee is not anything to be bothered by. The only thing that can be annoying is when Sienna or Kerillian hits you with a dot and you try to fire off a shot and your sight goes all over the screen. And from time to time you get hit in the back by Saltspyres ulti, but that’s my own fault for standing in his way.