Unusually high damage friendly fire

High, I’ve noticed that friendly fire seems to deal much more damage since the update. I don’t know if this is only a hunch, but I think I’ve lost something like 15 or 20 hp on a single handgun shot from a hunter (as shade on legend). And if this is proved to be true, is that intented ? Because I would be really concerned about it if it was…

good, more friendly fire pls

Say it again when you’ll get an awful team that don’t know how to aim or just don’t care if there’s a player in their line of fire.

i would,
i don’t care to win, all i care for is how i archived that victory, were my ability good enough or have i been lacking, can i improve and overcome.

in my view the aim and positioning required to kill specials is fundamental to the game, and doing so without hitting your team all the time is a skill that should be required. in the current game FF is so laughably low that its barely just an anoyance.
sure there are people who don’t care, but by extension that is only really allowed because FF is so low, if FF were actually a threat to players it also would be something that can actually cause a wipe, and therefore needed to become part of a players skillset to not cause unessesary defeats.

and if i was at the recieving end i would just try again until these people get it or look for new people
not to mention the people who would just FF constantly are most likely the same people i wouldn’t want to play with right now, you know the cocky sort that runs ahead with not a jist of teamplay…

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In my experience not much has been changed regarding FF. I think what happened on your end is that the shot was a crit, as crits do way much more ff damage than normal shots. It’s been interpreted by community that since crits partly ignores damage reduction on targets like armor, it also ignores the FF modifier that reduces dmg when hit by a teammate, partly.