Where is the friendly fire gone?

Well, the latest patch nearly removed friendly fire and I don’t understand why this happened. Friendly fire was in my opinion quite weak in Champ / Legend runs but hard in Beta. Now every Character crys about friendly fire - taking a look at their healthbar shows nearly no change. Why was the FF effectivly removed? I first thought you switched numbers and it was 0.2 and was increased but no. Where is the difficulty? In standing around while fighting minor skaven in long waves for ages (which is not challenging at all)?

I really loved the values taken in vt1, on nightmare you had quite some friendly fire but it was okay. On Cata you had a lot of friendly fire but it still felt fair. That way maybe a range did not shoot on something pushing their damage while now you can just ignore it.

Don’t get me wrong, I still disliked, that you dealt friendly fire to players standing in you, you couldn’t see or ultimates that you couldn’t control hitting friendly players.

But now without friendly fire… I don’t see how that improves the game (also, now stuck players can’t be killed and nothing has been done about those problems).

Hopefully Friendly Fire will be added, I don’t mind having a “Ultra” Legend mode with old Friendly fire and extra loot but now this game feels just easy.

I think they have a huge problem balancing ff. If they calculate ALL ff with one modifier the ff of ultimates and shotguns are either deadly oneshots or the whole ff is too low.

Yay friendly fire has been nerfed? I can go back to cooking my team with Seinna’s fires of helpfulness without consequence! How do you like your Elf? Medium or well done?


Not at all.

I don’t like them at all.

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can’t have people needing to learn to aim. that’d be too hard. sienna just NEEDS to beam the back of your head at all times and your bardin needs to never swap off his drakefire pistols, constantly friendly fire you in hordes, never melee and do 5x the damage a packmaster normally would when you get hooked.


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