Champion - the new PVP Mode

Usually i am fine with everything, dont care about nerfs or buffs as long as i can have fun playing.

But what realy annoys me is: in 90% of all champion rounds i (salz) and the other poor fellows (bardin, kruber) get constantly hit from spaming elves and siennas, its so damn annoying, i would even say the damage from enemies and teammate is 50/50 some times. And they dont even fking care.
The result of this is i stand behing sienna or kerillian to save my precious health and watch them spaming while the horde comes closer and closer and bam they are down WTF is wrong? (didnt find the melee weapon?)
In v1 it was a absolutely no go to hit teammates, and if its happend there was an immediately apologize for it.
What are your observations about this?


I Believe there is no indicator in champ above that says that friendly fire is turned on, I already knew since I played V1. But these difficulties should have a big red outlining in the description saying to watch your fire as ranged damage will damage your allies.


The truth,as always,goes both way

-there are ranged spamming in the melees’ backs without a care
-there are melees that find it funny to start zig-zagging and jumping right in front of an incoming horde,making shooting without hitting them impossible

Not much you can do about it


Don’t play with randoms. It’s that simple.


there are also ironbreakers that will light the whole team on fire because they just want MOAR SLAVE KILLS!


This is because fatshark removed the damage dealt to the team at the end of the screen, so even if you do a bunch of FF, there’s no way of calling you on it

not always having a full premade team^^ but if you want to be my friend just say so (-:

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I still think we need a difficulty that had friendly fire hit markers and hero call outs turned on, but the damage is either 0 or 1.

It would be nice if a little friendly fire acted like normal - but keep doing it in succession and it reflects and the one dealing it takes damage (not instead of, but in addition, perhaps). That way accidents can just be accidents, but people who just don’t care get punished for it.

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I have a quite opposite experience. My biggest issue when nuking as Sienna is when people just blindly run into the line of fire. I always nuke only if i have clear LoS, I actually don’t care 2 s*its about scoreboard and take care when positioning myself, but pretty much every time someone bunnyjumps right in front of me zerging to the swarm I’m melting to a corridor etc and gets 2 or 3 hits from machinegun staff. And then this is what I hear from them rest of the run .

Ofc there will be people who just want to see those big numbers, it’s super easy as Pyro Sienna to be 1st on everything if you just don’t care about anything else. But what I usually see is teammates getting frustrated because I get to melt hordes before their weapons can effectively do anything and running in to melee down something I’m perfectly capable of taking care of (most likely for the numbers, why the heck would you give away easy horde clear but to boost your ego?).

It should be clear to all Sienna players that when nuking you need to take care for your teammates, but also if you have a Sienna in your party, let her do what she does best without trying to outnuke her at all cost just because of the scoreboard.

TL;DR Stay out of my LoS when nuking and I wont hit you a single time :wink:


take zealot, take the dmg, enjoy ur attackspeed and critpower

joking…i know that feeling

i main kerillian and everytime I hit some Lumberfoods it breaks my heart.

Did you tried to dash backwards and not left and right?

i like this idea, forgot which game had the reverse damage (cod hardmode?)

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i usually let sienna’s nuke the hordes (and try to position on the side or watch her back), but also watched some of the siennas go down because the hord comes to close and they never switch to the melee weapon^^ most of the times it isnt during a hord spawn, its because of 1-3 idle rats standing around and someone decides to shoot them without caring about ff.
One hard thing to aviod is when walking in a group and a special spawns or a chaoswarrior and you start aiming, usually it slows the character down, this is the moment where the teammates catch up to you and get the hit instead. i also one shot a teammate with the bh active, because he cliped inside my character, but i gave him a bomb as an apologize.

and who cares about the green circels anyway, i would never judge someone because of it. Its more important to actually finish the lvl and if someone clears out all the waves solo handed while i look out for specials, i am glad it worked out this way.


i usually stand left or right to avoid getting shot^^ i dislike the tealot because he cant use the wonderful rapier.

Different topic, but they should make something like “crime spree” from payday, or something like that, where you could pump up the difficulty by adding modifiers and make friendly fire one of these modifiers …

something like heroic deeds with modifiers like replacing regular enemies, no pickups, friendly fire and stuff but not randomized nonsense and in quick match without premades …

So you’re saying like Heroic Deeds but you pick the mutators?

mhh…if you are in the front…do u crouch? Helps me as a Kerillian a lot

it isn’t clear enough that you’re hitting teammates other than the green crosshair when you hit them and some banter. include in the fact that recuit and veteran have no FF and people may be unaware they are damaging their teammate now in champion. it needs to be telegraphed better to the player that they can hurt their allies now

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It is not clear when you shoot your teammates? You shooting with your eyes close?

Needs to be telegraphed better? - You know that every single time you hit someone FF they have voice line for it?

What I mean for me is clear enough when I shoot someone or I’m the target of someone.
Big part of the game are sounds. Sound is crucial for many reasons, one of them is also FF. Next time try to listen to voice lines, and I bet you will have no problem anymore with knowing when you shoot at someone.