Why is everyone getting so peeved about friendly fire?

In the beginning i played Bardin alot so i didn’t notice it but since i’ve recently started playing Sienna people have been going apeshit over the 0.2 dmg you deal with the beam staff. I’ve had Kerillians volley me to death just because the ran into it a couple times. It’s not like you can react as fast as they run into it to cancel it, so they eat 1 or 2 ticks (most of time they take their damage on temporary healt).
Can’t people just accept that this is part of the game, and it’s sure as hell gonna happen?
Just look at how much damage it actually does it’s ridiculous.


not sure why, i think it adds a new and fun challenge over veteran

I’m not obliged to tolerate your lack of common sense.

It’s one thing when a player runs into it like a dummy. it’s another when someone does ff to shoot a single slave…every 30 seconds. I had that happen to me. Beardin with drakefire pistols,sienna with beam staff. You think that’s no damage,but over time they took 1/3 of my health with that crap.


And they run towards the special when you are beaming and then get mad the beam touch them. People care too much about kill count, and then get extra mad when they get friendly fired on. Theres your “common sense”


Yeah I’ve that happen a few times. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at avoiding FF. I generally play Bolt staff on Sienna and to an extent, I’ll stop shooting when people are going to run in front of my line of fire. I will literally be firing volleys of bolts at something and then people will see it and try to walk in front of the bolts. It’s honestly mind-boggling. I’ll avoid shooting them to an extent(numerous times), before I just continue firing even if they opt to walk into my fire. If they complain about it, I tell them not to walk in front of the damn volley of doom that I know they can see clear as day.

I’ve also had a number of games though where people accidentally walk in front of your fire and they apologize for getting in your way. There are definitely people who realize when it’s their fault for walking in front of allies and there are people who realize when it’s their fault for shooting allies.

Despite the pros/cons of FF, I feel it really adds to the game and makes it more enjoyable(unless someone 1 shots you with a blunderbuss or equivalent for reasons known only to Sigmar).I remember one game where I was full hp, got 1 shotted to the ground. Was moving along with white health for a bit through the level before an ally finished the job and killed me. After reviving later, someone shot me again and downed me. It wasn’t intentional, some people are just terrible and should have their ranged weapons taken away from them.


Now to be fair, if your particle quality is set to lowest, you can’t see the bolt staff projectiles.

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TBH, Sienna should NOT just be beaming every single ambient she sees. Let the front-liners do that. Not just stratetically - Beam Staff Sienna should be watching for specials, not trying to solo every enemy - but also for the sake of other player’s fun.

Sure, if they’re a ways ahead and you’re going for pace, it’s fine to do. But when there’s an enemy and your Foot Knight is squared up to them, about to kill them - don’t waste your time.


yeah I agree with you. But the only problem I have is when this happens and people become really mad and toxic. When is just a thing that will happen playing with randoms, and we all have to addapt to it without being aggresive about it.

Agree on that but what happens most of the time is that they’ll clip through you from behind.
In narrow corridors or section passages i purposely hug one side of the wall so they can just walk by but they just willy nilly run trough you an eat the hit. It’s infuriating.


Oh, yeah, that does happen. I also try to hug a wall usually (though that still hasn’t actually saved me from getting flat-out killed by people using really strong-hitting ranged weapons incautiously) - though I’ve found that you can get friendly fired sometimes even when standing too close behind a person using ranged weapon, which is really annoying.

Basically, there are two big sides to this; ranged stop trying to kill everything and let your melee do their job when it is absolutely clear it falls into their job. And just please let them have fun sometimes. And melee, don’t run in front of a someone who is CLEARLY SHOOTING OR ABOUT TO SHOOT.

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Well friendly fire is issue when you play with score board cheaser type of player.

Once I blocked entire horde on narrow gates, then Elf shoot his ulty throu me just to kill several paesant mob, I fallen and he get overuned, thats just example how greed can ruin the run. In his eyes scroeboard is EVRYTHING , those guys wont think twice to erase 90% of your HP just to get their kills. Worst nabs v2 can offer if you ask me.


Because Siennas hero ability isnt 0.2 dmg, 40 hits of a beamstaff isnt 0.2 dmg, Kerillians volley isnt 0.2 dmg, and any other ff isnt 0.2. What you fail to see is that all that damage adds up and I really want them to put a ff score at the end stats screen to show this. I mainly get mad because you dont need to shoot everything in sight especially if the targets are already in melee range of a teammate.

It also seems to me the hitboxes for characters are a bit bigger than their actual models. There were several cases where I was shooting slightly to the left/right or above the character and the game still registered it as a FF hit. Guess it could be lag too.

Dude the first tick of the Beamstaff is is like 150/175ish dmg on a dummie which builds up to 900/1000ish IF you stay on that target. When you switch your target it resets the value, you’re not gonna get 40 ticks into someone who just derps trough your line of fire. Instead of looking at your healthbar and seeing that it actually does nothing, people go apeshit over the red screenflash and pissed response from their character.

maybe make an effort not to shoot people and maybe don’t get so defensive over your own mistakes. lol

Maybe don’t walk infront of a Pyro who is actively beaming/bolting a target and has been doing so for the last few seconds and then try to act like it’s Siennas fault?

it is their fault tho

Because its not usually just ONE hit… its usually a good 5 or more…

Then I’ll warn you. I’ll say easy on the FF guys. If you’re STILL firing into melee and trying to kill some little clan rat or some irrelevent target, I’m going to start getting a little angry.

Chances are by that point… You’ve already racked up quite a bit of team damage by that point.

Once or twice its not a problem…

Consistent, repeated FF… to the point of where you’ve taken off a good 25% to 50% of my health just because you had to fire into melee to kill some clan rat and I’m going to get a little pissed at that point.

I think it’s best play champion and legend with your friends who you can communicate with so can manage who handle what and what kind of play style.

but if you often play it with random pickups (like me) at least you need to expect the worst and positioning yourself in a better position like stand in the top of rock/table (high ground) or higher if you’re using Bardin before you shot, just be careful some peoples can’t run normally and keep jumping around like monkey xD.

I got kicked once because hit my team’s head twice when sniping Stormvermin from long distance, I was like “Why the the hell this guy keep jumping nonstop without a reason instead of running normally” but that was a good lesson for me to get higher position lol.

I know there’s many greedy people who want to kill as many enemies using beam staff even tho it will hit their own team, I often just crouch to give them some space.

tbh it’s the range responsibility to get better position because melee often need to dodge but well… that’s how play with random people, “patient” is needed lol.

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